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What is the primary weakness of the linear model of communication?
communication only flows in one direction; from sender to receiver
When Mead says "humans are talked into humanity"; what does he mean?
that we gain personal identity as we communicate with others
If a friend says his home is going "just great", the content level of this statement means:
that his homework is going well
What components make up group communication?
leadership, member participation, agendas and disruptive and constructive conflict
When a student and teacher use email to interact what type of communication is this?
mass communication and new techonologies
What is one of the unifying concerns in the field of communication?
concern for symbolic activities and ethics
What is an example of Harold Laswell's linear model of communication?
a voice mail message
What is an example of Wilburn Schramm's interactive model of communication?
an email
When scholars are concerned with honesty, fairness and compassion they focus on what?
ethics and communication
Our textbook says that the external world and our experiences in it ...
do not have intrinsic meaning of significance
What are four major schemata to help structure our thoughts?
stereotype, prototypes, scripts and personal constructs
What is a stereotype?
-a predictive generalization about people and situations
What are the parts of human perception?
clarification, organization, selection and interpretation
Self-serving bias includes?
our tendency to judge others too harshly
Words crystallize meaning, rung on the ladder exemplifies what?
A label
When one girl always competes with another, and they are both writing a paper that she wants to do better on, what is this called?
social comparison
When a bf finds his gf's desire for him to dress with more of a business look to be significant, she is what to him?
a particular other since her views are important to him
Why do people tend to focus on unpleasant experience and take for granted the pleasant ones?
because change compels attention
What are examples of a particular other?
mother, father, siblings, bf/gf
A mexican restaurant is shutdown for not paying taxes, this is an example of?
self-fulfilling prophecy
When a student compares a new teacher to a teacher he feels is the best teacher ever, this cognitive schemata is?
If a girl asks a guy whom she is going on a first date with his favorite restaurant this cognitive schemata is known as?
A student is late to class; and his teacher assumes it is because he got caught in a traffic jam, this dimension is attributed to what?
external locus
A girl told her mother she made an A on her exam because she stayed up all night studying, this is an example of?
self-serving bias
A girl is not feeling well, and when a co-worker commented on her proposal she took it as criticism..this perception was influenced by?
A manager's perception who has little patience for coworkers who are unfamiliar with technology and move slow is influnced by?
A man that is scheduled to die in an electric chair in Florida is based on what fact?
Florida uses capital punishment
When a dad tells his daughter "you're daddy's little girl" he is participating in ?
direct definition
In the movie Dead Poet's Society, the lead character commits suicide as a result of his father's refusal to allow him to pursue acting; his relationship with his father is described by the attachment style...?
How are perspectives of society revealed?
through media and social institutions
The semantic triangle performs the function in communication..?
illustrates the direct relationship between thought, symbol and referent
Why does affirmative action mean different things to different people?
because symbols are ambiguous
When someone says all college students are lazy this is an example of?
If a person says "you ignore me", what type of a language is this an example of?
Josefina likes to cuddle with her boyfriend in class, she is breaking the rule..?
Nehemia kisses his siblings each time he sees them he is following the rule type..?
Public services advises parents to talk to children about drugs, what rules explains why this might not always work?
demand/withdraw pattern
When Lindsay referred to her teacher as the black man, what is she doing?
A politician refers to an environmentalist as a "tree hugger"..this is an example of..?
loaded language
What allows us to note that our statements reflect only specific times and circumstances?
An example of non-verbal communication includes..
raised voices
Dressing appropriately for work (in a business suit) is an example of?
Being on time for work is a recognition of..?
constitutive rules
What describes nonverbal communication?
arbitrary, ambiguous and abstract
What rules apply to verbal and nonverbal communication?
The cultural values of nonverbal communication include..?
dress, values, mannerism and hand movements
How can nonverbal communication be received?
through sight, sound, smell and taste
When pedro nods while he saying “yes” he is...
he is reinforcing the verbal communication
Class is over at 4 pm, and the students begin to pack at 3:59 they are...?
substituting for the verbal communication and regulating interaction
When the teacher assigned homework, Ryan rolled his eyes..he is..?
substituting for the verbal
Jess is a cross dresser who hangs out with other cross dressers w/high schoolers he belongs to a social community that belongs to community full of ppl. wearing business suits which is the dominant part of his culture. His culture is called a ______ within the dominant culture.
social community
Bosch learned about evolution theory in sociology class; he was raised in very religious household; he does not agree with the professor since his _____ do not coincide with theory.
Depp and Lipton were discussing whether actors actually partkae in drugs while doing a scene that involves them. Depp says actors need to do drugs during filming to capture the essence of the scene and Lipton feels that this is morally reprehensible. This means their ____ clashed.
The common difference between male and female communication is because ...
because men solve their problems instrumentally, they might not find it helpful when women offer them emotional support
Men and women have entirely different ways of communicating; true or false and why?
true, however not all members of a group behave in the same way, and we can only make generalizations up to a certain point
What is a nonmaterial component of culture?
What are the tradtions that culture develops to regulate and order life?
social norms and the reflection of cultural teachings
Which of the following or examples of cultural calamity?
volcanic eruptions, loss of war, plagues and floods
Ex. volcanic eruptions, loss of war, plagues and floods
In place of the perspective ethnocentrism we can adopt _________ which recognizes that cultures vary in how they think, act and behave as well as in what they believe and value
cultural relativism
Jeremy often uses technical vocabularies, complex sentences and focuses on specifics-listeners might have trouble understanding b/c of
message complexity
• In hawiian culture it is uncommon for students to ask questions- a prof. from new york is surprised when they don’t-it would be recommended for the professor to
accomadate to the student's listening style-learning style
• Sally has very strong opinions about saving the environment- bill explains why he did not vote for the environmental protection law-she listens just long enough to hear a comment she can argue against- she is guilty of
• Sharon leaned forward and nodded her head during arnold’s speech- pretending to be interested- b/c she was told to do so by her teacher- Sharon was
• Julie is having trouble staying focused while talking on the phone b/c the tv and stereo are on- and her mom is arguing with her bro- the tv stereo, mom and brother are acting as
environmental distractions
• Elliot and jon are having a convo- elliot emits sound wasves that successfully hit jon’s ear drums but do not lead to any interpretation- response or memory- jon did what?
heard but did not listen
Joey pays little attn. to his rents while he plays a video game- he perks up when they mention going to the arcade this weekend- an ex. of
selective listening
Physiological activity that occurs when sound waves hit our ear drums
Form of nonlistening that describes hogging the stage by continually focusing comm.. on ourselves instead of the person talking is called