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The hip is a synovial, triaxial, ball-and-socket joint
The hip is formed by what?
The articulation of the head of the femur and a fossa known as the acetabulum
What makes up the knee joint?
Femur articulates distally with the Tibia
The tibial tuberosity serves as the distal attachment for the quadriceps via patellar ligament
What is the hip joint?
A synovial (free moving), triaxial (all directions), ball-and-socket joint.
What forms the hip joint?
The articulation of the head of the femur and a fossa known as the acetabulum.
Describe the motion of the hip joint.
The motion at the hip is transferred to the femur
Where is the femoral epicondyle?
Located w/knee bent, they are the bumps on either side of the knee.
Where is the hip joint?
The articulation of the head of the femur w/acetabulum of the hip.

A "U" shaped bank of cartilage called the labrum lines the top and sides of the acetabulum for stabilization.
Where is the Psoas Major?
Attaches to lumbar vert & lesser trocanter

Crosses anterior to the hip joint and attaches at the lesser trocanter
Where is the Iliacus?
From the anterior surface of the ilium to the lesser trochanter of femur

Forms distal attachment with psoas major
Where is the Pectineus?
From the pubis to the femur

Is hip rotator
Where is the Sartorius?
Be able to locate
Longest muscle in the body.
From the anterior superior iliac spine to the medial tibia (just distal to the knee)
Where is the (Abductor) Tensor Fasciae Latae?
From the ilium, lateral to the anterior superior iliac spine, to the lateral epicondyle of the femur and head of fibula
What is the greater trochanter?
A large bump that projects laterally from the proximal end of the femur. (most people locate it too high, it is more inline with the symphysis pubis)
Where are the Fermoral Condyles?
Have to bend the knee to feel, under the surface of the knee, either side of knee cap
Where is the adductor tubercle?
Located on the superior surface of the medial epicondyle...trace the medial epicondyle to the superior surface's small projection.
Where is the tibial tuberosity?
It's the distal attachment for the quadriceps, just distal to the knee on the anterior tibia.
Where is the fibular head?
Found lateral to the tibial tuberosity. Is the lump on lateral side of knee
Where is the patella?
Knee cap
Which three muscles make up the hamstrings?
Biceps Femoris
Where is the biceps fermoris located?
Big tendon on the lateral part of the knee.

From the common proximal attachment (ischial tuberosity) and posterior shaft of the femur to the head of the fibula
Where is the semitendinosus?
From common proximal attachment at ischial tuberosity to posterior medial tibia below knee... posterior/medial aspect. Is ropy feeling tendon.
Where is the semimembranosus?
Inserts posteriorly medially. from the ischial tuberosity to posterior medial tibia below the knee.
Where is the Gluteus Medius?
Lateral part of butt. Runs from the ilium to the greater trochanter (cross hip)
Where is the gluteus minimus?
Runs from the ilium to great trocanter (deep to the medius)...lateral butt
What is the common attachment for hip adductors?
Common proximal attachment at the pubis.
Where is the Adductor Longus?
Runs from the anterior pubis to posterior femur.

locate at the groin by putting feet together.
Where is Adductor Brevis?
From the anterior pubis to posterior femur. Is deep to the adductor longus.

Adductor longus forms the medial border of the femoral triangle?
Where is the Adductor Magnus?
Two heads. Anterior runs from the linea aspera (inferior ramus of pubis) to adductor tubercle of the medial epicondyle of femur.
Where is the gracilis?
From the inferior ramus of anterior pubis to medial proximal tibia. Runs down medial thigh, palpate at groin & knee.
What are the medial adductors of the hip?
Adductor Longus & Brevis
Adductor Magnus
What are the posterolateral abductors of the hip?
Gluteus Medius & Minimus
Where is Gluteus Maximus?
Runs from the Ilium & sacrum to the posterior femur, just distal to the great trochanter and to the iliotibial tract.
Where do the 6 outward rotators of the hip run from?
From the posterior surface of the pelvis & sacrum to greater trochanter of femur.
What are the posterior extensors of the hip?
Gluteus Maximus (also abducts)
3 hamstrings:
Biceps fermoris
Where is the Rectus Femoris?
Attaches at the anterior inferior iliac spine and tibial tuberosity via the patellar tendon

Distal attachment is the tibial tuberosity
What are the Anterior flexors of the hip?
Tensor Faciae Latae
Rector Femoris
Psoas Major