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The Basic Emotions
Ekman's work happiness, fear, anger, surprise, sadness, disgust
universality principle
innate and shared by all humans
displayed rules
implicit rules that dictate how and when we should express emotions publicly
emotions and culture
influence display rules, vary from culture to culture
seeing a scary movie
emotions and gender
display rules in a culture vary with gender
males not being able to cry, for females its exceptable
Folk theory of emotion
see snake fear leads to pounding heart
James Lange theory
stimlus -> arousal
see snake, pounding heart unconsciously
Cannon Bard theory
brain generates an emotion at the same it generates emotion
Cognitive theory
stimlus->arousal->interpretaion of fear->emotion
snake,heart bearts, conscious "im afraid", fear
Ledoux's theory
some depend on interpretation, some are unconscious reflex
factors associated with happiness
self esteem, optimism, assertivness, close friendships, meaningful religious faith, excercise
factors NOT associated with happiness
physical attrativeness, age, parenthood, race, gender, educational level
gener loneliness and marital status
males more lonely out of marriage, females more lonely in marriage
not detecting lies, detects arousal responses. Problem cant distinguish between guilt anxiety and irration (problem with james lange)
pulse rate, changes in breathing, perspiration,blood pressure
Guity knowledge Tech
introduce knowledge that the public does not know