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name in order from the most superficial channels and regions to the deepest
cutaneous regions, minute collaterals, sinew channels, luo connecting channels, primary channels, divergent channels, extraordinary channels
measurement from xyphoid process to umbilicus
8 cun
measurement between niples
8 cun
measurement between axila and cubital crease
9 cun
measurement between cubital crease and wrist crease
12 cun
measurement hip to center of patela
19 cun
measurement of upper border of pubic symphes to medial epicondyle of femur
18 cun
measurement of center of patella to lateral malleolus
16 cun
measurement of medial condyle of tibia to medial mallieolus
13 cun
measurement from glabella to hairline
3 cun
measurement from anterior hairline to posterior hairline
12 cun
measurement from axilla to 12th rib edge
12 cun
measurement across superior hairline
9 cun
what are the twelve regular channels named by?
anatomical location and yin/yang aspect
what are the 12 regular channels divided into?
6 jiao phase pairs
what do the 12 regular organs connect with internally and externally?
what do the 12 regular organs respond to?
dysfunction of the body
what do the twelve regular channels transport throughout the body?
qi and blood
12 regular channels the body.
8 extra ordinary channels act as
reservoirs of, qi, blood, yin and yang
the 8 extraordinary channels do not have their own set of points with the exception of
du and ren mai
8 extraordinary channels provide additional interconnections among
the 12 regular channels
8 extraordinary channels take up what from the 12 regular channels?
surplus qi and blood
8 extra ordinary vessels serve the
liver and kidney
8 extra ordinary channels are directly related to
uterus, brain and curious organs
8 extraordinary channels all have specific
pathways and areas of influence
what can the 8 extraordinary channels effect on a very deep and fundemental level?
bodily functions, and constitution
what are the 8 extraordinary vessels?
conception vessel (ren mai)
governing vessel (du mai)
penetrating vessel (chong mai)
girdiling vessel (dai mai)
yin motility vessel (yin qiao)
yang motility vessel (yang qiao)
yin linking vessel (yin wei)
yang linking vessel (yang wei)