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taiyang and du channels - wind cold
qiang huo
taiyang channel? - wind cold or heat headache, especially vertex or pain that travels from vertex down to cheeks or teeth - wind cold
gao ben
yangming channel - wind cold
bai zhi
move blood and guide blood down - purgative
da huang
upper body (and LU) - w/c or w/h cough - warm and trnsfrm cold phlegm
jie geng
directs herb to liver /GB, strong qi mover / uj/mj w/heat, focus on men - regulate qi
zhi shi
energy/xue down, mild nourish yin, tx low back/knee pain - move blood
huai niu xi
stronger guide energy/blood down, not as nourshing as huai niu xi; tx wind damp bi low back/knee pain - move blood
chuan niu xi
guides mingmen back to source 9 from upper body to KI) - warm int/dispel cold
rou gui
all 12 channels - tonify qi
gan cao
stagnation downward - expel parasites
bing lang