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w/c - excess: tx tai yang stage of 6 stages - strong diaphoretic
ma huang
w/c excess or deficiency
gui zhi
w/c tx shao yin stage - w/c with interior cold (never over 3g)
xi xin - wild ginger
w/h one of the best for LQS - #1 for shaoyang syndorme
chai hu
w/h neck and upper back pain and spasms w/ or w/o common cold
ge gen
w/h one of the strongest diaphoretics - calm liv and st, clear eyes esp with heat, moves liver qi
bo he
cl ht/quell fire - clear qi level heat (4 bigs)
shi gao
cl ht/quell fire - excess or xu heat ; heat in all 3 jiaos - rare
zhi mu
cl ht/quell fire - this herb is not for glacoma pt however it treats the eyes
qing xiang zi
cl ht/cool xue - strongest to clear heart fire and cool blood
xi jiao
cl ht/dry damp - clear heat in UJ
Huang Qin
cl ht/dry damp - clear heat in MJ, st fire, ht fire - most bitter and cold
huang lian
cl ht/dry damp - clear heat and damp in LJ - asecnding ki fire, protects ki yin, clears yin xu heat
huang bai
cl ht/dry damp - skin problems esp. lower body w/itching (ie genital itching from wind)
ku shen
cl ht/dry damp - liv/gb channel and organ heat and damp
long dan cao
clear ht and toxins - clear heat in wei/qi level - w/h in UJ
jin yin hua (think 'yin' of yin qiao)
clear ht and toxins - clear heat in wei/qi level - tx skin, hot toxic sores - inflammation, mouth and throat
lian qiao
clear ht and toxins - HIV - best antiviral qi and blood level heat
da qing ye
clear ht and toxins - SARS - strongest throat herb in category - one of the strongest anit-v and anti-b in TCM - epidemic
ban lan gen
clear ht and toxins - appendicitis
bai jiang cao
clear ht and toxins - cancer (st, liv, esophageal, genitourinary)
bai hua she she cao
clear ht and toxins - #1 for damp heat lj dysentery (bacterial or amoebic)
bai tou weng
drain damp - heat at qi level with damp
hua shi (talc)
drain damp - d/h in liv/gb ch and organ - stones
jin qian cao
drain damp - all purpose drain damp herb
fu ling
expel wind damp - hot or cold sinus problems
cang er zi
cool and txfrm hot phlegm - loss of voice, soothe throat, overstrain vocal chords
pang da hai
warm and txfrm cold phlegm - #1 dry and dispel (cold or hot) damp phlegm - esp lu/sp/st
ban xia
warm and txfrm cold phlegm - sends lu qi down (unusual for a flower) - calms liver
xuan fu hua
warm and txfrm cold phlegm - good general cough herb, hot or cold phlegm, depending on which herbs are used in conjunction
bai qian
stop cough - all purpose, any cough
xing ren (apricot)
stop cough - any kind of cough exp. due to external causes - send down lu qi (unusual for flower)
kuan dong hua (tussilago)
stop cough - moistens lu - nourishes st yin - Tonify Qi
ming dan shen
arom txfrm damp - strongest to dispel cold and damp - very thick white chalky tongue coating
cao guo
food stag - meat, cholesterol, coronary heart diseases
shan zha
food stag - adjust to climate change or geographic location
shen qu
regulate qi - lqs leads to xue stasis - 12 channels
xiang fu
regulate qi - tenesmus
mu xiang
regulate qi - some say main herb for lqs - liv/gb esp with heat or fire, flank or lower abd
chuan lian zi
regulate qi - #1 for hiccups
shi di
regulate qi - guide rx to testicles/ovaries - liver channel qi stasis with cold
ju he
stop bleeding - int/ext bleeding - all purpose stop bleeding
pu huang
stop bleeding - trauma injury herb, stops bleeding w/o causing causing stasis
san qi
stop bleeding - #1 bleeding gastric or duodenal ulcer
bai ji
move blood - tx shao yang and vertex ha
chuan xiong
move blood - tx pain and trauma
yan huo suo
move blood - substitute for chai hu
yu jin
move blood - regulate menses, cool blood mover - opens ren
yi mu cao
move blood - important strong neutral blood mover - hot or cold
tao ren
move blood - ear seeds - promotes lactation
wang bu liu xing
warm int, dispel cold - restore devestated yang
fu zi
warm int, dispel cold - tx shao yang and jue yin - liv and st
wu zhu yu
tonify qi - main qi tonic
ren shen
tonify qi - strengthen wei qi - con. the surface - stop sweat
huang qi
tonify qi - sp def with emotional problems
da zao
tonigy qi - all 12 channels, guide and harmonize
gan cao
tonify blood - tonify kidney yin
shu di huang
tonify blood - blacken hair
he shou wu
tonify blood - womens herb, tonify, harmonize and moves blood
dang gui
tonify yang - strongest tonify kid yang and jing
lou rong
tonify yang - all purpose kid yang tonic - wind damp bi
ba ji tian
tonify yang - kid yin, yang, qi, jing
hu tao ren
tonify yang - pop tonic - kid qi, yin, yang, liv yin
du zhong
tonify yang - strong tonify yin, yang, qi and blood
zi he che
tonify yang - tonify yin, yang, qi and essence
tu si zi
tonify yin - tx yangming stage of disease
xi yang shen
tonify yin - tonifies ht, lu and st
mai men dong
tonify yin - famous for treatment of diabetes
yu zhu
astringent - imp herb to treat lu / kid weakness - all purpose astringent
wu wei zi
calm spirit - most ancient sedatives
zhu sha
nourish ht/calm spirit - commonly used sedative
suan zao ren
nourish ht/calm spirit - poplar to build immune system
ling zi
dispel wind/stop trem - imp herb for hpn ha's
gou teng
dispel wind/stop trem - imp herb for dizzy, vertigo ha - internal wind
tian ma