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Each hard drive typically has ____ platters
There is a head for _______ of each platter
each side
Is the operating system stored on a hard drive?
Should you close all applications before using disk defrag?
Which is a more typical RPM speed for a modern (2006) hard drive: 7,000 rpm or 700 rpm?
7,000 rpm
Did Hardrives that used Frequency Modulation encoding use timing bits?
About what percent did timing bits take up on hard drivdes using frequency modulation?
Does the RLL method of encoding use timing bits?
Which hard drive encoding method came first: MFM or FM?
About when was the RLL method used?
Which hard drive encoding method came first, the RLL or the PRML?
This method came before the PRML. It eliminated the use for timing bits. What was it called?
What does FM stand for, as in FM encoding method?
Frequency Modulation
What does RLL stand for, as in RLL encoding method?
Run Length Limited
What does PRML stand for, as in PRML encoding method?
Partial Response Maximum Likelihood
Which came first, a stepper motor or a voice coil motor?
stepper motor
Does a voice coil motor need to be parked?
What do you call the measure of how much a hard drive wobbles?
How can some hard drives have an odd number of heads?
Because one or two heads are reserved for the system.
What do you call a group of tracks?
How much data does a sector store?
512 bytes
Are sectors part of drive geometry or are sectors per track part of drive geometry?
sectors per track
What does CHS? (Relating to drive geometry.)
Cylinders, Heads, Sectors per track
How many values does drive geometry consist of? How many of those values are still used?
5, 3
What are the two drive geometry values that are not used any more?
write precomp and landing zone
Which came first, Parrallel ATA or serial ATA?
Parrallel ATA
What was the first PC to include BIOS support for hard drives?
About when were EIDE drives introduced?
Did EIDE introduce support for non-hard drive devices?
How many pins are in the connector of an IDE hard drive?
How many EIDE controllers do most PCs support?
True or false: There are no older machines that use IDE controllers that snap into the motherboard as a card?
Do modern IDE cables have 40 wires or 80 wires?
80 wires
Which is more modern: IDE cables with 40 wires or IDE cables with 80 wires?
80 wires
What are the four ways to set a PATA drive?
cable select, master, single, slave. Often single and master have the same drive setting
If you are installing only one hard drive, should you put it in the primary controller?
yes, but most modern BIOS don't care.
If you set a drive to be cable select, where should the master drive be, in the middle or at the end?
at the end
If you set a drive to be cable select, where should the slave drive be, in the middle or at the end?
in the middle
True or false: Cable select cables are different from regular IDE cables.
If you see a ribbon cable with a pin hole through one wire, is it a regular IDE cable or a cable select?
cable select
If you are using a Master/Slave configuration,(not cable select) does it matter if the master is in the middle or at the end?
True or false: All modern PATA drives use a Molex connection for power.
What does it mean if a cluster is "cross linked"
two or mile files point to the cluster.
What does it mean to be a "lost cluster"
No file points to this cluster.
This utility was meant to replace chkdsk
Use one of these two tools to solve problems with cross-linked and lost clusters.
chkdsk and ScanDisk
In Windows XP/2000 how do you get to ScanDisk?
right click on the drive, properties, tools tab and click "Check now" press start with the two check boxes checked.
SAS stands for Serial Attached _________
True or false: SAS systems can handle SCSI but not SATA.
false, it can handle both
What is ATA/ATAPI-6 also called?
What is ATA/ATAPI-7 also called?
What speed does an Ultra-ATA 100 move at?
A Sata data cable
What is this?
a type of data cable
A Sata power cable
What is this?
a type of power cable
A sata port
What is this?
What are the clusters that make up a file called?
a chain
Does Windows NT come with a defragmenter command?
You want to access the disk defragmenter in XP. You go start, all programs...
then go to accessories, system tools
Do you use Defrag, Disk Cleanup or DiskScan to correct cross linked and lost clusters?
Disk Scan
True or false: Chkdisk is supported by all versions of Windows.
True or false: all versions of Windows have some disk scan utility.
True or false: all versions of Windows have some disk defrag utility.
True or false: You can use Chkdsk /F to repair cross linked and lost clusters.
True or false: The Windows 9x/Me ScanDisk can not check the FAT for problems with long file names.
What is eSATA for?
external SATA drive
How many bits is the bus width of Narrow SCSI usually?
How many bits is the bus width of Wide SCSI usually?
Which came first, LVD or HVD SCSI?
What does LVD stand for? (relates to SCSI)
Low Voltage Differential
True or false: SE SCSI cables are cheaper than differential cables.
True or false: SE SCSI cables have superior data integrity compared to differential cables.
HVD became obselete with the SCSI-_ standard
Internal SCSI devices connect to a host adapter with a ____ pin ribbon cable.
True or false: Many external devices connect to a host adapter with a 50 pin connector.
External SCSI connectors are ___ shaped.
Typically, most people set the id for the SCSI host adapter to ____ or _____.
7 or 15
All SCSI jumpers use the ______ number system.
How can you put more than one SCSI device on one ID?
use Logical Unit Numbers to uniquely identify each device
True or false: With SCSI you must terminate at each end and once in the middle.
false, you must terminate only at the ends.
True or false: Many SCSI devices require you to set a jumper or switch to enable termination.
True or false: Some ancient hard drives were not capable of terminating themselves.
SCSI-1 had a ___Mhz bus.
Was SCSI-1 parallel or serial?
SCSI-1 used a ____ bit bus.
SCSI-2 was finalized in 1990 and oficially adopted in ______
SCSI-2 was finailized in ______ and oficially adopted in 1994
Even though SCSI-2 wasn't adopted until 1994 manufacturers used the entire standard by ________
The SCSI-2 common command set includes _____ commands.