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The most important component in the computer is the______.
Memory System because the computer needs a place to store instructions and data in a quickly and easily retrievable format.
A memory chip has markings of 45256-40. The last two digits after the dash mean an access time of______.
The last two numbers on a chip
generally refers to the speed of the memory; in this case it is a 40 ns chip.
What type of memory stores information as patterns of transistor ons and offs to represent binary digits as physically bulky and somewhat limited in capacity?
SRAM-It's storage method is to use a pattern of transistor ons and offs to represent the data.
Which switch will cause MEM.EXE to give the most detailed information about the current memory configuration?
/D signifies to run MEM.EXE in the debug mode. You can think of this as a verbose mode in that it will give you the most detailed information about your memory utilization.
If you don't need expanded memory, you can free up 64KB of reserved memory that can be used for UMBs by putting the____ paramater after C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE in the CONFIG.SYS to disable expanded memory and remove the page Frame.
NOEMS. If you have no applications that can take advantage of expanded memory, you can disable that page frame and thereby reclaim 64KB of usable memory by adding the NOEMS switch.
The first thing you can do to increase the available convention memory is _____.
What type of error-checking routine do modem communications most often use?
Parity. Modem connections are serial-based.
Which types of memory are erasable?
RAM and SRAM are both monikers of short-term memory(RAM)therefore has to be erasable to be of any use. EPROM and EEPROM are both special types of PROMs that are Erasable Programmable (EPROM) and Electronically Erasable Programmable (EEPROM) and therefore have the ability to erasable and re-usable.
What type of ROM memory chip is erasable using software tools and is most commonly used for BIOS chips?
EEPROM(Electronically Erasable PROM) is even more sophisticated than EPROM in that it can be erased and reprogrammed using software tools.
RAM is short for______________.
Random Access Memory
Which driver must be loaded in the CONFIG.SYS to give DOS access to extended memory?
C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS. Don't let this question confuse you. EMM386.EXE grants access to the expanded memory area, but it is HIMEM.SYS that grants access to the extended memory area.
What indicates a hard memory error?
201 BIOS error, One long beep, three short beeps, Parity error. Memory errors can be indicated by a beep code and/or by an error message that states either that there is a Parity Error or a 201 BIOS Error.
Which area of memory is used for running most DOS Programs, loading drivers and loading TSRs?
Conventional Memory-When the 8088 and 8086 were first produced, the program drivers and TSRs were given an area of memory to run.( Conventional Memory)
If you are transmitting the 8-bit binary number 11010010 and are using even parity, what would the parity bit be?
Zero because even parity works around the concept that all bits set to 1 have to equal an even number (and in this question there are 4 bits set to 1), the parity bit would have to equal 0 to maintain that even number.
Which processors can access as much as 4GB of RAM?
With a 32-bit address but width, the 80386,80486 and Pentium processors can now access as much as 4GB of RAM.
What is meant by a wait state of zero?
The processor and the memory are equally matched in terms of speed.
What type of Memory has several chips on a small circuit board and the board is easily removable?
Single Inline Memory Module. Is a small circuit board with multiple DIPs soldered to it. They are easy to install and remove.
Which types of memory found in desktop computers stores information as charges in very small capacitors and needs a constant refresh signal to keep the information in memory?
DRAM ( Dynamic RAM)- stores information incapacitors.
Which of the processor was the first to access more than 1MB of RAM?
80286 was the first processor to break through the 1MB barrier. It could access as much as 16MB of RAM.
Which type of ROM memory chip has a small window that allows the chip to be erased with a special ultraviolet light?
EPROM(Erasable Programmable ROM) is erased and reprogrammed with special ultraviolet light shone through a small window in the top to the chip.