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What are the two major types of mice in use today?
Optical and Opto-mechanical
What are the two majortypes of keyboards in use today?
Keyswitched and Capacitive.
"Debouncing" refers to______.
Cleaning up keyboard signals and preventing multiple characters from a single keypress.
What monitor has the highest resolution?
XGA. Could support 256 colors at 1,024 x 768 pixels.
Which type of computer communication uses a separate timing signal to dictate transmission times?
Synchronous. Synchronous communications uses a clock signal that is separte from the data signal;communication can only happen during a tick of the timing signal.
Which IRQ does COM 1 share with COM 3?
4.Because of the configuration of the original 8-bit bus that supported only 8 IRQs, when COM 3 was added, it had to share IRQ4 with COM 1.
Which type of mouse interface is a small, round PS/2 connector and is attached to an 8-bit interface card that is installed directly onto the computer's bus?
Bus mouse interface. The bus mouse interface is a small, round PS/2 connector and is attached to an 8-bit interface card that is installed directly onto the computer's bus.
Which type of output device draws the image with a pen one shape at a time and uses CAD software to produce blueprints or tehnical diagrams?
Plotters. Draw the image with a pen one shape at a time and use CAD software to produce blueprints or technical software.
Which LCD maxtix screen works in a manner similar to an LCD watch.
Active maxtrix. The LCD watch was the precursor technology to active matrix LCD screens.
If a display adapter is a VGA adapter in the standard configuration, what would the default resolution/color be?
640 x 480 with 16 colors. This video technology had 256Kb of video memory on board and could display 16 colors at 640 x 480 pixels.
All of the following(EGA,CGA,VGA,XGA,SVGA,DVGA) can be considered video technologies except_________.
A VGA extension cable will have____.
DB-15M to DB-15M. The VGA extension cable will have a DB-15M on both connectors.
Which of the following types of output devices puts computer data on paper?
Which type of output device has the highest resolution(therefore the best quality)?
EP Printers. The images produced by electorphotographic(EP) printers are of the very best quality and they produce these images at higher speeds.
COM 1 shares an IRQ with which other COM port?
COM 3. Because of the congfiguration of the original 8-bit bus (which supported only 8 IRQs,and had only COM 1 and COM 2), when COM 3 was added later, it shared the IRQ with COM 1.
Which type of scanner gives the best quality and highest resolution?
Which type of signal degrades the most over longer distances?
Digital. Of the signals listed, digital is least suited for long distances because it degrades the most.
What is the maximum practical length of a standard parallel printer cable?
10 feet. You can buy longer standard cables but it is recommended you don't use them.because of data loss problems with cables over 10 feet.
You find a cable in a box of old computer parts. It has a DB-25F connector on both ends. What kind of cable is it most likely to be?
Null modem cable. A cable with both ends having a DB-25F connector is classified as a null modem cable.
Which types of mouse interface technology use an interrupt (other than the ones a PC is normally using)?
Bus and PS/2. The PS/2 and bus mouse technology use a separate interrupt.