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Define Myth
a fantastical story about a person; usually used to give values to persons, places, and things
Why were Myth's created?
they attempt to explain natural processes, customs in human society
Know the stories of:
Helios and Phaeton
Pandora- unleashed miseries to the world
Helios and Phaeton- Helios is the sun god. Phaeton, his son, wanted something so Helio promised to give him ANYTHING! unfortunately, Phaeton wanted to ride the magical chariot his father rode. It sent him to his doom. Created deserts and ice caps
Pan- god of nature
Prometheus- Titan that joined Zeus. Could see into the future. Gave sacred fire to humans so was locked up in the mountains
Selene- the moon
Who were the major gods and their characteristics? There are 13
Zeus- supreme god, king of Olympians
Poseidon- Water and land god
Hephaestus- god of smiths and fire
Hera- Goddess of marriage, Queen of the Olympians
Dionysus- god of wine
Hades- god of the underworld
Athena- Goddess of crafts, domestic arts, and war
Demeter- goddess of agriculture
Aphrodite- goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
Apollo- God of prophesy, music, and healing
Ares- God of war
Artemis- goddess of the hunt
Hermes- messenger of the gods, guide of dead souls to the underworld
Hestia- goddess of hearth and marriage
Name 3 of Heracles' labors
1. Nemean Lion
2. Nine-Headed Hydra
3. Mount Erymathus boar
4. Stymphalian lake birds
5. Sacred Hind of Artemis
6. Augean Stables
7. Hippolyta's Belt
8. Man- Eating mares of Diomedes
9. Fire- breathing bull of Crete
10. Geryon's red cows
11. Garden of Hesperides
12. Ceberus, watchdog of hades
know the story of Narcissus and Echo
correct your answers on page 92
know the story of Theseus and the Mintaur
pg. 148 for the answers
know the story of Daedalus and Icarus
pg. 153 for the answers
know the story of Opedipus
pg. 158 for the answers
know the story of Pandora
correct answers of page 74
know the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece
pg. 162 for the answers
According to Greek Mythology, what causes earthquakes?
Poseidon throwing his trident of the ground
What lesson do we learn from Athena and Arachne?
don't let your skills get to your head
According to Greek Mythology, why do peacocks have eyes?
Argus, watchman of Hera, had 100 eyes.
After Hermes had killed him, Hera took the eyes of Argus and decorated her favorite bird, the peacock, with them.
According to Greek mythology, where do grasshoppers come from?
Eos, the dawn, chose a handsome prince to be her husband. She asked for eternal life but forgot to ask for eternal youth. The man got so old that he shriveled into a tiny grasshopper
how are the seasons created?
Persephone leaves her mother Demeter to go to Hades. Demeter grieves the loss of her daughter, and lets nothing grow. This is winter. When Persephone returns, shes very happy and everything grows, it is spring
What happens to a mortal when they die?
They go to the underworld
Why does the sun rise and set each day?
Helios pulls his fiery sun chariot across the sky, first up, which creates the sunrise, and down, the sun set.
What was the apple of Discord? What was the apples of love?
The apple of discord was a golden apple Eris threw at a wedding and said belonged to the fairest goddess. All the goddesses fought over the apple and created a fight. The apples of love were thrown by Melanion to distract his love Atalanta from the race they were having. If he won, he married Atalanta, if he lost, he lost his head.
According to greek mythology, what caused the ice age?
Persephone was kidnapped from her mom Demeter. Hades took her. Demeter said nothing will grow until she gets her daughter back. Thus, causing the ice age.
Know the Vainglorious kings and their characteristics.
King Midas- Was kind but stupid
Sisyphus- so clever that he fooled the gods just to live
Bellerophon- great tamer of horses, tamed the pegasus