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characteristics of carotenoids
polyisoprenoid (chol)
ring on each end
some are precursors to Vit A
double bonds (clear rads)
lycopene, lutein, Beta crytoxanthine
source of carotenoids
yellow, green, orange food
source for carotenoid defic
no fat diet
non-digestible lipids
def bile
fat malapsorption
distribution of carotenoids
all tiss
esp liver, adipose, plasma
testes, adrenals, corpus luteum
not much in brain
associated with cancer but treatment studies don't support

may be marker for healthy lifestyle, prevention may be early
carotenoids essential when...
No Vit A in diet
transport of vit a
RBP- retinyl esters

act like detergents
destroy tissues
fate of retinol esters
converted to retinol in liver
carried in RBC via RBP
used & returned
function of Vit A
support differentiation of mucus cell
maintain epis
eye- dim light
sources of preformed A
liver, milk (whole or fortified), eggs
defficiency in Vit A
fat malabsorp or metab
most common cause of blindness in world
vit A def
Vit A toxicity
liver, dry lips, scaly peeling skin, hair loss, HA Naus, vomit

200mg or more
functions of vit K
-II, VII, IX & X
-warfarin inhibits regen of vit K from K epoxide (via reductase)
-get epoxide when glutamate picks up Ca for PL

causes of K deficiency
lipid malapsorption
chronic Abx
liver dz
storage of vit K
prolonged clot time is what vit deficiency
vit K deficiency