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What does TME mean?
Team Member Empowerment
This means that every team member is empowered with the ability to make things right for a customer.
What does HTA mean?
Heightened Time Awareness
What is the MRG?
Manager's Reference Guide
What is a One Minute Reprimand?
A tool for corrective actions taken from Ken Blanchards's book The One Minute Manager.
What does OSHA stand for?
Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
What is PSI?
Product, Service, Image
What are SMAC objectives?
SMAC objectives are purposes that are specifc, measurable, achievable, and compatible (with organizational goals.)
What is Domino's definition of smart hustle?
The act of always moving with purpose, as quickly as possible, without ever jeopardizing the safety of yourself or anyone else.
What are five of the twelve characteristics that are used to evaluate all team members?
Uniform and Image
Taking Ownership for Mistakes
Completing Assigned Tasks
Customer Focus
Customer Relations
Problem Solving
Demonstrating Leadership
What four things should you do during a robbery?
Stay Calm
Cooperate (Don't resist or hesitate)
Observe details about the robber if it is safe to do so.
Keep the robber informed of what is going on to prevent suprises.
What is the safety hotline number?
What is the maximum number of full trays you can carry?
What are the main reasons you would call the safety hotline?
OSHA inspections
Auto accidents
Serious safety or security incidents.
What is the procedure for making bank deposits?
Disguise deposit
Take deposit by two team members in seperate vehicles
One team member checks the parking lot while the other stays in the locked store.
First team member checks deposit area by sweeping headlights.
Second team member drives up to the deposit slot and makes the deposit.
What three things should everyone do to prevent slips and falls?
Keep the floor dry
Wear slip resistant shoes
Fix damage to the floor immediately
What 11 things should you do to reduce the risk of robbery?
Keep the back door locked
Identify people before allowing entry
Maintain adequate lighting
Monitor keys and cash
Coach and enforce safety policies
Make security callbacks
Acknowledge walk-in customers
Identify suspicious orders
Don't talk about sales or money
Announce "carryout" or "driver in" to indicate that others are in the store
Check IDs
If an injury occurs in the store, what is the first thing that you should do?
Determine if medical assistance is needed.
How often should fire extinguishers be checked by a Team Member?
What is the single most important factor concerning the security of your store?
The amount of money in the store
If a driver is robbed while making a delivery, what is the first thing he or she should do?
Go to the nearest safe phone and call the police and then go to the store manager.
What items must you check when you do a vehicle inspection?
Safety Belt
Valid Insurance
Turn Signals
Tail Lights
Backup Lights
Brake Lights
Tire Tread
What are the three main sources for safety and security information?
Books 1-3
According to the Fire Prevention Plan in the MRG, what is the first thing you must do if a fire occurs?
Evacuate all customers and Team Members. (Check the restroom too)
What areas of the operation impact customer service?
What ten things should a CSR do when serving a carryout customer?
Make Eye Contact
Greet Promptly
Get name
Check order accuracy
Correctly handle payment
Thank customer
Honor Guarantee
Wow customer
What is the Total Satisfaction Guarantee?
If the customer is not happy with our product or service, for any reason, we will make it right or issue a refund.
What is the NSF?
The National Sanitation Foundation
What are the three main types of hazards to safe food?
Physical, Chemical, and Biological
What is the temperature danger zone?
41°F -- 140°F
What are the six ways cross contamination can occur?
1. Fresh product poured on top of old product.
2. Old product poured on top of fresh product.
3. A food handler's failure to wash hands.
4. Trays and containers placed on the floor and then on the counter top.
5. Food handlers cough or sneeze on hands and then touch food.
6. Chicken products are prepped and then the utensils are used to prep other foods.
Who should take care of pest control and how often should that be done?
All rodenticides and pesticides must be applied by a licensed PCO on a monthly basis.
How often do Domino's standards require all food contact surfaces to be cleaned and sanitized?
Every food contact surface must be cleaned and sanitized every two hours.
All non-food contact surfaces should be sanitized daily.
What are the three methods you can use to sanitize a surface?
Immersion -- Use three compartment sink. Immerse for at least one minute.
Spraying -- Spray counter tops and large equipment with sanitizer and allow to air dry.
Swabbing -- Dip a clean towel in sanitizer solution and wipe.
What type of sanitizer does Domino's use?
Domino's uses quaternary ammonium sanitizer.
What is the concentration of the sanitizer?
150-200 ppm
Descirbe how you clean and sanitize a Domino's Heat Wave bag.
Use general cleaner, sanitizer, and then air dry.
What is the temperature range for the walk-in cooler?
33°F -- 38°F
What is the temperature range for the makeline cabinet?
33°F -- 40°F
What is the temperature range for the makeline bins?
33°F -- 41°F
What is the temperature range for the beverage cooler?
33°F -- 41°F
What is the minimum temperature of delivered foods?
What do you do if there is a product complaint?
Obtain a Product Incident Kit
When do you throw out products?
At the end of the day if not used by the use-by date.
How long can you store prepped breads?
Prepped bread can be refridgerated for a maximum of two hours and then held at room temperature for the remainder of the dough's shelf life.
How long can parbake shells be held at room temperature?
8 hours