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How long does a new team member train on the ovens?
Five hours
How many orders does a new team member need to take before riding with drivers?
150 orders
How many drivers does a new team member ride with and for how long?
6 drivers... two hours for each driver
A new member cannot ride with more than three drivers per day.
What is Domino's Pizza's mission statement
Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.
How long can a customer be on hold?
No more than 10 seconds
What do you know about putting a customer on hold?
Avoid putting a customer on hold. If you must, ask their permission first and thank them when you take them off hold. No customer should ever be on hold for more than 10 seconds.
What do you do when you are done taking an order?
Use the "Finish" key to get the order in easy to read form. Repeat their order back to every customer before you end the phone call.
What do you do when a customer walks in the door?
Greet the customer within 3 seconds of entry. Smile!
How do you start a conversation with a customer?
Hi! Welcome to Domino's! How can I help you?
What do you do if customers are waiting in the lobby?
Check the heat rack to see if a CARRY OUT order is ready. Don't let a pizza sit on the heat rack if the customer is here to pick it up.
What are the five guiding principles?
At the moment of choice: We demand integrity; Our people come first; We take great care of our customers; We make great pizzas everyday; We operate with smart hustle and positive energy.
What is our Made Fresh, Arrives Fresh Guarantee?
If the customer is not happy with the product or service, for any reason, we will preplace their product or issue a refund.
What is included in the full uniform?
A clean shirt with a name tag or name embroidered onto it, a belt, a clean hat, khaki pants or Domino's shorts, socks, and durable shoes.
How do you get additional Domino's clothing?
Ask for the "uniform order sheet" from your manager.
Who needs to keep the bathroom clean?
This is everyone's responsibility.
When do you wash and sanitize your hands?
Before returning to work, after using the bathroom, before you touch any food, before you help on the ovens, and when you come back from a run.
How much money does a driver carry?
No more than $20. Usually just a single bank, which is 2 fives and 10 singles.
When do you arrive at work?
Always five minutes before your scheduled shift begins.
If it is raining come in thirty minutes early.
What do you do when it is raining?
If it is raining, you are required to show up thirty minutes early.
How do you know a gift certificate is acceptable?
The gift certificate is only acceptable if it is signed by Dave Brandon, Freddie Wehbe, or is sealed with the official Wehbe Jammin' seal.
What checks are accepted.
Only business checks are accepted and only for large orders which are delivered to the business location. Personal checks are not accepted.
What do you do for a credit card order?
Verify it with a valid picture ID.
Have the credit card receipt signed.
Verify the signiture with the ID and the card.
Retain the credit card receipt.
Who gets an immediate call back after an order is placed?
Orders intending to pay with a $50 bill.
Every new customer.
The hotel clerk on every hotel order.
What do you do for a hotel order?
Get the room number and the registered last name of the customer.
Give the front desk clerk a security call back.
What do customers get if they order three or more pizzas for delivery?
All deliveries of three or more pizzas get a Goodie Bag for each pizza. A Goodie Bag contains... garlic sauce, parmesan peppercorn, a napkin, a crushed red peppper packet, and a parmesan cheese packet.
What kind of jacket can you wear?
Only a Domino's jacket
When must a schedule request be submitted?
All schedule requests are due by midnight on Thursday.
What happens when you do not submit a schedule request on time?
You are scheduled on an as needed basis.
Who do you call for schedule?
No one. You can not call for your schedule. Come in to the store and write it down for your use.
Where are cell phones allowed?
Only on the road and for business use only.
What does LEADS stand for?
Listen, Empathize, Apologize, Do whatever it takes to fix the problem, Stand by your promise.
What roads run North and South?
STDs -- Streets, Terraces, and Drives
What roads run East and West?
APRIL -- Avenues, Places, Roads, and Lanes
What are you expected to have in your vehicle at all times?
You are expected to have a map and a flashlight in your vehicle at all times.
What do you do when you arrive in the store?
1. Clock in
2. Put a sign on your car
3. Get a bank for the designated bank person.
What do you do if you cannot work at a time you are scheduled to work?
Find someone else to work your shift. Get the shift change approved by the manager.
What do you do during FAST DISPATCH SCREEN?
Every time you return from a delivery yell, "Driver In" and check the computer, then dispatch your next delivery. Runs must be dispatched within one minute of the time they leave the store.
If no runs are up refer to the driving team priority list.
Who gets a magnet?
Make sure you include a magnet with all orders for new customers.
What do you do as a driver if you forget something?
Call the store immediately, and the item will usually be sent out with another driver. You must pay that driver $2.00 for the trip.
If you forget soda, stop by a store and buy it.
If you forget to dispatch an order you owe the Partner's Foundation $2.00.
What do you do when you are done with your shift as a driver?
Move your car so that it is not in one of the prime parking spots. Bring in your sign and wipe it down before asking for your projecct. Ask the manager for your project.
What do you do during check out?
Count up your 20oz Coke products.
Print your shift report from the Cash Drop Management System.
Organize your bills by denomination and have them face one direction.
Have your credit card receipts neatly arranged face up and in numeric order.
Have all your tips totaled and all your money and credit card slips organized before you tell the manager that you are ready to check out.
What is first priority above all else in the store?
Answering the phone after the first ring.
What five things must a driver do to have a perfect inspection?
1. Have less than $20 (this includes personal money and credit cards)
2. Have their keys on them.
3. Have their car turned off.
4. Know that all new customers get a security call back.
5. Wear their seatbelt.
At what time are you guaranteed to leave work?
There is no gauranteed time for leaving work. If it is very busy you may have to stay later.
What do you do at a suspicious looking house?
Call the customer with your cell phone and verify the order.
How do you hustle to save time?
Hustle on your feet -- not on the street
What do you do with a hot bag when you aren't using it?
Always replace a hot bag in the magnetic charger and make sure that it is seated properly.
What do you deliver to the front desk with every delivery to a guest at the hotel?
Drivers must deliver a $1 hotel card to the front desk with every delivery to a guest at a hotel. Failure to do so will result in a $5 fine due to the front desk clerk.
What are the six signature pizzas?
The six signature pizzas are the Deluxe Feast, Vegi Feast, Meatzza Feast, Extravaganzza Feast, Hawaiian Feast, and the Pepperoni Feast.
Also available -- Philly Cheese Steak, Steak Fanatic, and Bacon Cheeseburger Feast.
What flavors do we offer for the Buffalo Wings?
Hot, Barbecue, or Regular flavor with Ranch or Blue Cheese dipping sauces.
What types of breadsticks does Domino's sell?
Cinna Stix, Cheesy Bread, and Breadsticks.
What toppings does Domino's offer?
Pepperoni, Ham, Beef, Italian Sausage, Bacon Grilled Chicken, Fresh Mushrooms, Onions, Hot Banana Peppers, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Pineapple, Extra Cheese, Chedder Cheese, Jalepeño Peppers, and Garlic
What are the five types of customers?
Students, Carry Outs, Hotels, Residentials, and Businesses.
What is the Domino's Strategy?
The Domino's Strategy is to put people first, Build brand and stores, Achieve flawless execution, and Maintain High Standards.
What comes on a Deluxe Feast?
The Deluxe Feast is a combination of spicy pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.
What comes on a Vegi Feast?
Green peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, and extra cheese.
What comes on a Meatzza Feast?
Spicy pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, beef and extra cheese.
What comes on an Extravaganzza Feast?
Spicy pepperoni, ham, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, Italian sausage, beef, olives, and extra cheese.
What comes on a Hawaiian Feast?
Sweet Hawaiian pineapple, savory ham, and extra cheese.
What comes on a Pepperoni Feast?
Extra layers of spicy pepperoni and cheese.
What comes on the Steak Fanatic?
The Steak Fanatic has the Steak Fanatic sauce, American Cheese, sliced steak, onions, muchrooms, grilled onions, Angus steak, and shredded provolone.
What comes on the Philly Cheese Steak?
The Philly Cheese Steak is loaded with tender slices of steak and melted Provolone cheese, fresh mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
What comes on the Bacon Cheeseburger Feast?
The Bacon Cheeseburger Feast is made with ground beef, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese.