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What 3 foramina are in the anterior cranial fossa?
1. Foramen cecum
2. Cribiform foramina
3. Ant/post ethmoidal foramina
Foramen cecum contents:
Nasal emissary vein (1% popln)
Cribiform foramina in cribiform plate contents:
Axons in olfactory epithelium that form olfactory nerves
What lies within the ant/post ethmoidal foramina?
Vessels and nerves w/ same name.
How many unique foramina are in the middle cranial fossa?
What is their acronym?
What are the 7 foramina in the middle cranial fossa?
1. Optic canals
2. Superior orbital fissure
3. Foramen rotundum
4. Foramen ovale
5. Foramen spinosum
6. Foramen lacerum
7. Groove of greater petrosal
Optic Canal contents
Optic nerve (CN II)
Opthalmic artery
Superior orbital fissure contents
Opthalmic vein
Sympathetic fibers
V1 is also called
opthalmic nerve
Foramen rotundum contents
Maxillary nerve V2
Foramen ovale contents
Mandibular nerve V3
Accessory meningeal artery
Foramen spinosum contents
Meningeal branch of V3
Middle meningeal artery/vein
What structures pass across foramen lacerum?
-Internal carotid artery
-Sympathetic/venous plexuses of ICA
Groove of Greater Petrosal n. contents
Greater Petrosal nerve
Petrosal branch of middle meningeal artery
How many foramina in posterior cranial fossa?
What are the 5 foramina in posterior cranial fossa?
Foramen magnum
Jugular foramen
Hypoglossal canal
Condylar canal
Mastoid foramen
What passes through foramen magnum? (7 things)
-Vertebral arteries
-Spinal arteries (ant/post)
-Dural veins
-CN XI (spinal accessory)
What passes through Jugular foramen? (8 things)
-CN 9, 10, 11
-Superior bulb of IJV
-Inferior Petrosal Sinus
-Sigmoid Sinus
-Meningeal branch of the ascending pharygneal artery
-Meningeal branch of the ascending Occipital artery
What passes through the hypoglossal canal?
The hypoglossal nerve (CN XII)
What passes through the condylar canal?
An emissary vein connecting the sigmoid sinus to vertebral veins.
What passes through the mastoid foramen?
-mastoid emissary vein from sigmoid sinus
-meningeal branch of occipital artery