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What are the 4 branches of the maxillary nerve?
1. Infraorbital nerve
2. Zygomatic nerve
3. Palatine nerves
4. Meningeal nerve
What is the route of the infraorbital nerve?
Infraorbital foramen
What 3 places does the infraorbital nerve innervate?
1. Skin of nose (lateral part)
2. Lower eyelid
3. Upper lip
What are the 3 branches of the infraorbital nerve?
1. Anterior superior alveolar
2. Middle superior alveolar
3. Posterior superior alveolar
What does ASAN innervate (3)?
1. maxillary sinus mucosa
2. lateral incisors, canines
3. nasal septum
What does MSAN innervate (2)?
1. maxillary sinus mucosa
2. premolars
What does PSAN innervate (2)?
1. maxillary sinus mucosa
2. molars
What is the route of the Zygomatic nerve?
Enters the orbit via inferior orbital fissure
What are the 2 branches of the zygomatic nerve?
1. Zygomaticofacial
2. Zygomaticotemporal
What is innervated by the
-Zygofacial n
-Zytotempo n
ZF = skin over cheek prominence
ZT = skin of temporal region
What holes do the zytomatic branches exit the skull via?
foramen of the same names
What are the 2 palatine nerves?
Greater and lesser
What does the greater palatine innervate?
Gingiva and mucosa of hard palate
What does the lesser palatine inervate?
Soft palate, uvula, tonsil
How do the palatine nerves exit the skull?
Via the pterygopalatine canal
How do the greater/lesser palatine nerves exit the pterygopalatine fissure?
Via the greater/lesser palatine foramina
What does the meningeal nerve branch of the maxillary nerve innervate?
Dura mater
How does the meningeal nerve get to the dura mater?
By traveling with the middle meningeal artery.
What is special about the Zygomaticotemporal nerve?
It carries postganglionic parasympathetic secretomotor fibers of CN VII from the pterygopalatine ganglion to the lacrimal nerve.
What is special about the palatine nerves?
They carry taste fibers that pass thru the pterygopalatine ganglia and travel w/ the nerve of pterygoid canal and greater petrosal nerve to eventually join CN VII
Where are the cell bodies of the nerves we were just discussing located?
In the geniculate ganglion.