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What are the 3 VIP branches of the Ophthalmic nerve?
1. Lacrimal
2. Frontal
3. Nasociliary
Where does the lacrimal nerve go to (3 places)?
1. Lacrimal gland
2. Skin of upper eyelid (lateral part)
3. Conjunctiva (lateral part)
What is the route of the lacrimal nerve?
Between lateral rectus muscle and roof of orbit.
What are the 3 branches of the Frontal Nerve?
1. Supratrochlear
2. Supraorbital
3. Nerve to the frontal sinus
Where does the Supratrochlear nerve go (3 places)?
1. Forehead (lower/mid part)
2. Skin of upper eyelid (medial part)
3. Conjunctiva (medial part)
What is the route of the supratrochlear nerve?
Runs deep to periorbita, and superficial to levator palpebrae
Where does the Supraorbital nerve go (3 places)?
1. Forehead (lateral part)
2. Scalp (front)
3. Conjunctiva (central part)
What is the route of the Supraorbital nerve?
Through the supraorbital notch (foramen).
What does the Nerve to Frontal Sinus innervate?
The mucosa of the frontal sinus.
What are the 5 branches of the Nasociliary nerve?
1. Ant/post ethmoidal nerves
2. Infratrochlear nerve
3. Meningeal nerve
4. Long ciliary nerve
5. Short ciliary nerve
What is the route of the nasociliary nerve in general?
It runs within the muscular cone and tendinous ring, crosses the optic nerve with the opthalmic artery.
What 3 areas are innervated by the Anterior/posterior ethmoidal nerves?
1. Mucosa of nasal cavity
2. Anterior ethmoidal and frontal sinuses
3. Posterior ethmoidal and sphenoid sinuses
What are the 2 branches of the anterior/posterior ethmoidal nerves? What do they innervate?
1. Internal nasal nerves - to mucosa of nasal septum
2. External nasal nerves - to tip of nose
What 3 things are innervated by the infratrochlear nerve?
1. Upper eyelid (medial part)
2. Root of nose
3. Lacrimal sac
What does the meningeal nerve innervate?
Supratentorial parts of the dura
What does the long ciliary nerve innervate?
The dilator pupillae with sympathetic fibers
What does the short ciliary nerve innervate?
The sphincter pupillae with parasympathetic fibers
Is the Lacrimal nerve purely sensory like the rest of the opthalmic nerve V1?
not completely; it carries postganglionic parasympathetic secretoMOTOR fibers of CN VII from the pterygopalatine ganglion to lacrimal gland.