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What type of innervation is carried by the mandibular nerve?
Mixed - both sensory and motor
What are the 5 motor branches of the mandibular nerve?
1. N. to medial pterygoid
2. Masseteric n
3. Deep temporal nerves
4. Nerve to lateral pterygoid
5. Mylohyoid nerve
What 3 muscles are innervated by the nerve to medial pterygoid?
-Medial pterygoid
-Tensor tympani
-Tensor veli palatini
What 2 muscles are innervated by the Mylohyoid nerve?
-Digastric anterior belly
What are the 6 sensory branches of the mandibular nerve?
1. Meningeal
2. Buccal
3. Auriculotemporal
4/5. Inferior alveolar
-incisive branch
-mental branch
6. Lingual n
What does the meningeal nerve get sensory ifno from? (2 things)
1. Dura in middle cranial fossa
2. Mastoid air cells
How does the meningeal nerve get thru the cranium?
Thru foramen spinosum with the middle meningeal artery.
What does the buccal nerve get sensory info from?
1. Skin of buccal region
2. Mucosa of cheek
How does the buccal nerve get there?
Pierces tendon of the temporalis muscle
What 4 places does the auriculotemporal nerve recieve sensory info from?
1. TMJ joint
2. Anterior auricle
3. External acoustic meatus
4. Skin of temple and lateral scalp
How does the auriculotemporal nerve travel?
It encircles the middle meningeal artery.
The 3 branches of the inferior alveolar nerve are:
Which are sensory/motor?
1. Incisive - sensory
2. Mental - sensory
3. Mylohyoid - motor
What does the incisive nerve get sensory info from?
Mandibular teeth
How does the incisive branch get to the teeth?
Runs deep to the lateral pterygoid, through the mandibular foramen and into the mandibular canal.
What 3 areas are innervated by the mental branch of the inferior alveolar nerve of V3?
1. Chin skin
2. Lower lip skin/mucosa
3. Gingiva
How does the mental nerve exit the mandible?
Via mental foramen
What does the lingual nerve get sensory info from? (3 places)
1. Mandibular gland
2. Mucosa of ant 2/3rds of tongue
3. Oral cavity floor/gingiva mucosa
What is special about the auriculotemporal nerve?
It conveys postganglionic parasymp secretomotor fibers of CN IX from the otic ganglion to the parotid gland.
What is special about the lingual nerve?
It conveys preganglionic parasympathetic secretomotor fibers of CN VII to the submandibular ganglion.
What else does the lingual nerve convey that's special?
SVA fibers (taste) to chorda tympani (to CN VII)