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what is food
any substance that when taken into the body helps it to carry out its main functions which include : growth & repair of tissues, protection against deficiency diseases & and regulating of body processes.
what is milk
this is an usually white opague liquid which is secreated from the mammary glands of animals to feed its young
wat % of milk is water
name some bi-products of milk
cheese, butter, condensed milk, powered milk, etc.
name some parts of an egg
egg white, egg yolk, chalaza, air sapace, thin white, thick white, yolk membrane,
wat r some uses of egg
emulsifying, thickening, binding, main dish,etc.
wat r 4 methods used in cake making
rudded-in method, whisking method, creaming method & all-in-one
cake has white top layer wats wrong
too much sugar
basic things to do when baking a cake
alwats pre-heat oven, never continuously open oven,always grease baking tin