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1. What are 3 main purposes of pulmonary ventilation?
Eliminate waste-CO2,Reoxygenate-O2, Buffer acids-pH balance
2. What are the 2 main zones of the lung?
Conduction zone, Respiration zone
What differentiates (the 2 zones) them?
One moves air (1-16), One allows gas exchange (17-23)
3. How does inspiration/expiration occur?
Contraction of diaphragm (primarily) increases volume of lung thus reducing pressure below atm pressure and allowing filling of lungs. Relaxing muscles compresses lungs expelling air
4. Identify the following static lung volumes/pulmonary measurements:
(See following)
Identify: Vital capacity-
Maximum volume of air that can be exhaled
Tidal volume -
Air moved in and out during normal respiration
Residual volume -
Air left after maximum exhalation
FEV.1 -
Forced Expiration Volume in 1 second
Forced Vital Capacity
5. What happens to the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide as they pass through the pulmonary capillaries?
O2 & CO2 decrease
6. Identify what causes the oxyhemoglobin curve to shift to the right.
Increase temperature, Increase CO2, Decrease pH [Increase H+ (Acidic)-Bohr effect, Increase DPG
Why is this shift beneficial during exercise?
Increase capillary O2 utilization
7. What way is oxygen transported in the blood?
8. What effect would bicarbonate loading have on PH?
Raise pH--> Basic (~ 7.49)
9. How would bicarbonate-loading aid an athlete (hypothetically)?
Reduce DOMS, Help regulate pH, help CO2 removal
10. When approaching maximal exercise intensity, what happens to tidal volume and breathing frequency?
Tidal Volume can decrease slightly due to increased Breathing rate.
11. What is a plausible reason why pulmonary ventilation could be rate-limiting during maximal exercise in an elite athlete?
Loss in capillary refill due to time required for transfer.Capillary transit time Therefore not completely saturated w/O2.
12. What environment would cause ventilation to be rate-limiting during exercise?
Altitude, Cold, Pollutants (Industrial, pollen, etc.)