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Hyoid bone:
-... level
-no articulation with other bones
-attachments are the ... mm(4) and
posterior triangle:
-aka ...
-between ... m. and ... m.
-inferior border:
-floor: (3)
-lateral cervical region
-trapezius and sternocleidomastoid
-middle 1/3 of clavicle
-investing layer of deep fascia
-splenius, levator scapulae, scalenes
what nerve is located in the investing layer of fascia that is the roof of the posterior triangle?
CN 11 - accessory n.
arteries of the posterior triangle:
... artery in which the the ... branches off of. Then that has 3 branches which are...
subclavian a.
thyrocervical trunk
suprascapular a.
transverse cervical a.
inferior thyroid a.
thyrocervical trunk branches:
-... and ... run laterally across anterior scalene m. and pin down the ... n.
suprascapular a.
transverse cervical a.
-the upper branch of the thyrocervical trunk is the ... and it's deep to and supplies the ... m. and the rhomboids via dorsal scapular a.
transverse cervical a.
-the lower branch of the thyrocervical trunk is the ... and it supplies the posterior scapular muscles
suprascapular a.
subclavian a.:
-... to anterior scalene m. (subclavian vein is ... to anterior scalene m.)
-crosses ... rib; can be ... there
what is the path of the veins of the posterior triangle starting with facial and going posteriorly?
common facial
ant. branch of retropharyngeal
post. branch of retropharyngeal
external jugular vein
posterior auricular v.
brachial plexus roots are between which 2 muscles?
anterior and middle scalene mm.
posterior triangle nn.:
-brachial plexus roots
-... (supplies the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid mm)
accessory n.
accessory n. goes through what foramen of the skull?
jugular foramen
anterior triangle:
-aka ...
-between ... and ...
-superior border:
-inferior border
-roof: (2)
-floor: (3)
anterior cervical region
SCM and midline of neck
manubrium of sternum
platysma and fascia
pharynx, larynx, thyroid gland
what are the 4 smaller triangles of the anterior triangle?
what muscle separates the carotid triangle and muscular triangle?
superior belly of omohyoid
what muscle separates the submental triangle from the submandibular triangle?
anterior digastric
what muscle separates the submandibular triangle from the carotid triangle?
posterior digastric
carotid triangle:
-borders: (3)
-contents: (3)
-posterior digastric, superior omohyoid, SCM
-carotid aa., carotid sinus, carotid body
infrahyoid muscles: (4)
-sternohyoid and omohyoid
-sternothyroid and thyrohyoid
-ansa cervicalis
suprahyoid muscles:
-forms floor of mouth
-base for tongue functions; swallowing; tonation
digastric (ant. and post. bellies)
what muscle is deep to the mylohyoid?
branches of the external carotid a.: (3)
-... (gives rise to superior laryngeal a.)
superior thyroid
internal jugular vein:
-in ... with common carotid a. and vagus n. (CN 10)
-origin: ... at jugular foramen
-termination: ...
-most of blood from brain, anterior face, cervical viscera and deep cervical mm.
carotid sheath
sigmoid sinus
brachiocephalic vein
how are branches of the internal jugular vein named?
by the artery that it runs with
the internal jugular vein lies posterior and parallel ...
carotid a.
all tongue muscles are innervated by the ... n. except for the palatoglossus muscle (which is innervated by ... n.)
CN 12 - hypoglossal n.
CN 10 - vagus
glossopharyngeal n. (CN 9):
-does motor to what muscle?
-sensory to ... and ... of tongue (taste AND general sensation)
-stylopharyngeus m.
-pharynx and posterior 1/3 of tongue
CN 10 - vagus n.:
-motor: general rule = (3)
-larynx: ... via several branches
-sensory: same areas (all)
-palate, pharynx, larynx
-all mm.
motor branches of cervical plexus and ansa cervicalis (C1-C4):
-... and ... (via C1)
-phrenic nerve
-infrahyoid mm.
-thyrohyoid and geniohyoid
what makes up the superior root of the ansa cervicalis?
what makes up the inferior root of ansa cervicalis?
C2 and C3
phrenic nerve is made up of...
-from larynx to ...(bifurcation)
-anterior to ...
-from laryngopharynx to ...
-posterior: on ...
vertebral column
what passes through the nasopharynx?
what passes through the oropharynx?
food and air
what passes through the laryngopharynx?
-... down the trachea and ... down the esophagus
the superior thyroid artery is a branch off the ...
external carotid artery
the inferior thyroid artery is a branch off the ...
thyrocervical trunk
parathyroid glands are located where?
on the back of the thyroid gland
prevertebral muscle:
-deep to ...
-includes: (4)
-prevertebral fascia
-scalenes, levator scapulae, longus colli, longus capitis
-anterior rami of cervical spinal nn.
the distal attachment of the anterior and middle scalene muscles is...
1st rib
what 2 things are located between the anterior and middle scalene muscles?
subclavian artery
brachial plexus
the posterior scalene is attached to the ...
2nd rib
root of neck boundaries:
first rib
the brachiocephalic trunk is on the ... side only and gives branches to the ... and ...
right common carotid
right subclavian artery
the right subclavian artery gives branches to (4)
vertebral artery
internal thoracic artery
thyrocervical trunk
costocervical trunk
what 2 branches come off the arch of aorta?
left common carotid artery
left subclavian artery
the thyrocervical trunk gives off what 3 branches?
suprascapular a.
transverse cervical a.
inferior thyroid a.
external jugular vein drains to the ... vein
brachiocephalic veins (2):
-... and ... veins join
-both right and left sides join to form ...
internal jugular
superior vena cava
vagus nerve - CN 10:
-in carotid sheath with ... vein and ... artery
-... (branch of vagus)
-... (presynaptic axons)
-internal jugular
-common carotid
-recurrent laryngeal
-cardiac branches
Phrenic nerve ("..., keep the diaphragm alive")
-between subclavian artery and vein
the left recurrent laryngeal nerve comes from the left vagus nerve and loops around the ...

the right one loops around the ...
arch of aorta

right subclavian artery
3 ganglia of the sympathetic trunk (in the root of the neck):
-... (sympathetic innervation to the head
-... (small)
-.... (may fuse with 1st thoracic = stellate ganglion)
superior (SCG)
Horner's syndrome:
-lesion of sympathetics to head (from T1 inferiorly to SCG superiorly)
-signs: ...(drooping of upper eyelid), ... (constricted pupil), ... (dry skin)
-superficial lymph nodes: (located along course of ...)
-deep lymph nodes: (located along ...)
external jugular vein
internal jugular vein