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What are the six areas of Naval doctrine?
Naval warfare,
Naval Intelligence,
Naval Operations,
Naval Logistics,
Naval Planning,
Naval Command and Control
What was the first ship named after an enlisted man?
Osmond Ingram (DD 255). First enlisted man killed during WW I in October 1917
What is the origin of the hand salute?
Thought to be when knights would identify themselves by lifting their visors. Another was for others to identify there was no dagger hidden in the palm.
What three classes of Naval Vessels existed at the inception of the Navy?
Sloop of War, Frigates, and Ships of the Line
Battle of the Coral Sea?
7-8 May 1942. The world's first Carrier vs. Carrier battle
Voyage of the Great White Fleet?
December 16, 1907. Theodore Roosevelt sent the Navy on a round the world voyage to demonstrate the strength of the US Navy.
Battle of Normandy?
June 6, 1944. The largest Amphibious operation in history.
Battle of Midway?
3-5 June 1942. The turning point of the Pacific War.
Battle of Guadalcanal?
13-15 November 1942. The bloodiest and most costly battle in Marine Corps history. Notable for the deaths of the five Sullivan brothers.
Battle of Leyte Gulf?
October 23, 1944. The final blow to the Japanese Navy. Loss of the Philippines severed the Japanese Empire..
The conditions that led to the formation of the US Navy.
October 13, 1775. The Second Continental Congress authorized the creation of a Navy.
What are the three levels of war?
Tactical, Operational, and Strategic.
Who is the CO? What is his responsibility?
CAPT Marin. Has the ultimate responsibility for the ship and everything pertaining to it.
Who is the XO? What is his responsibility?
LCDR Chambers. Maintains the military and general efficiency of the ship. Arranges and coordinates all ships work, drills and exercises.
Who is the CMC? What is his responsibility?
CMC Hawkins. Senior Enlisted and principal advisor to the CO on matters concerning the crew.
What is an Administrative bill?
uniform policy for assignment of personnel, berthing, maintenance, visiting, recall, and zone inspections.
What is an Operational bill?
policies and procedures in such areas as the boat bill, cold weather, darken ship, EMCON, ect.
What is an Emergency bill?
procedures and responsibilites for controlling the effects of major emergency or disaster suffered by the ship.
What is a special bill?
Assign responsibilities and procedures for for defense against a swimmer attack, evacuate civilians, prisoner of war, ect.
What is a battle bill?
Assign personnel necessary to fight the ship.
What are 8 o'clock reports?
Received shortly before 1830 (underway) by the XO from the dept heads
What are 12 o' clock reports
recieved by the OOD prior to 12 o'clock. Fuel & water, muster, mag temp, draft, and boat reports.
What are the types of discharges?
Honorable, General, Other than Honorable, Bad Conduct Discharge, and Dishonorable.
How often is a Good Conduct Award given?
Every 3 years.
What is a page 2?
Dependent, Emergency data form.
What is a page 4?
Awards & Qualifications
Page 7
NJP and court memorandum.
Page 13?
Administrative remarks
What is the EDVR?
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report. a manning document. EAOS, PRD, NECs, TAD personnel, ect.
What are the 5 levels of ORM?
Identify Hazards, Assess Hazards,
Make Risk Decisions, Implement Controls, Supervise.
6 Categories of Hazmat?
Compressed Gas
What are the two most incompatible Hazmat items?
Oxidizers and petroleums
What is COSAL?
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List. Lists all equipment installed on the ship and necessary repair parts
Allowance Parts List.
Allowance Equipment List
What is a MOV? What is it's purpose?
Material Obligation Validation. Ensures all outstanding requisitions are still valid.
What are the two types of MOVs?
Internal (monthly)
External (quarterly)
What is a DLR?
Depot Level Repairables. Parts deemed economically repairable.
Not Ready for Issue
What are the 2 different aspects to NRFI items?
Turn in (one for one)
RIP (remain in place)
What are bulkhead ready spares?
Parts stored in other departments spaces.
What is OPTAR?
Operating Target. Ship's budget for the year.
What are 2 aspects of OPTAR?
EMRM & Other Funds
What is DRMO? What does it mean to us?
Defense Re-utilization Marketing Office. Free Stuff (furniture)
What is UMMIPS?
Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System.
What 3 priority codes do we most use?
5- Repair Parts
12. Consumables
What is ANORS?
Anticipated Not Operational Ready Supply
What is ATAV?
Afloat Total Asset Visibility. A list of every ship's spare parts so items can be distributed among the battle group.
What is ONE-TOUCH?
Internet based web site. Used for stock checks, order parts, free stuff, status of orders.
What is GDSC?
Global Distance Support Center. via telephone. 24 hr support center
What is Force Level R-Supply?
Found on big decks (CVN). Functions as a wharehouse for parts. Big Navy owns the parts.
What is Unit Level R- Supply?
small ships. 'We' own the parts.
Who is our HAZMAT coordinator?
Lt Williams
What words are passed for Abandon Ship?
Bearing to Land
Distance to Land
Friend or Foe
Temperature of Water
What is a pivot point and where is it on the ship?
The point the ship appears to rotate on. The main mast.
What is true bearing?
North is 000 degrees.
What is relative bearing?
Bow is 000 degrees
Dead in Water
What lights are lit in port?
Aircraft Warning lights
Fwd/AFT Jackstaff lights
Deck Lights
Waterline Security Lights
What lights are lit for Special Operations?
Red, White, Red
What lights are lit for man overboard?
Red over Red pulsating
What lights for Not Under Command?
Red over Red
3 types of man overboard recovery?
shipboard/J-Bar davit
What is a swing circle?
Amount of chain + Length of Ship
What is a drag circle?
Amount of chain = distance to navigational aid (center-line Polaris in pilot house)
What bouyage system does Japan and the US use?
Ailia B
What is a bearing circle?
Located on a Polaris and measures true and relative bearing. Also a repeater from the main gyro (WSN 7)
Voyage Management System
global positioning system
How many satellites does the GPS system have?
24. 21 on at all times
Ball Diamond Ball?
Restricted Maneuvering
One black ball?
3 black balls?
vessel ran aground
What does a cylinder indicate?
constrained by draft
2 black balls?
Not under command
What items can you find on a chart?
1.) land mass 6.) shallows (shoals)
2.) buoys 7.) depth of water
3.) wrecks 8.) sea mountains
4.) sub cables 9.) coral reefs
5.) lighthouses 10.) compass rose
What does the conning officer do?
gives orders to the helmsman to steers the ship
What does DFGMC stand for?
Digital Flux Gate Magnetic compass
What is a stadimeter used for?
determine distance by using an object of known height
What is a sextant used for?
Celestial Navigation
Who is the ship's Navigator?
What is the QMOW?
Quartermaster of the the Watch. Responsible for the safe navigation of the ship
What does a fathometer measure?
Depth of Water
How many time zones are there?
What time zone is Japan?
What are some ways we can obtain our ships position?
1.) radar
2.) visual
3.) electronic
4.) celestial
TAO? Responsibilities?
Tactical Action Officer. Responsible for the tactical operation of the ship.
STAO? Responsibilities?
Staff Tactical Action Officer. Responsible for the tactical operation of the battle group.
On Screen Display Assistant
DBM? What do they Monitor?
Data Base Manager. GCCS-M
What is GCCS-M?
Global Command and Control System Maritime.
Force Information Controller. (Bravo Whiskey)
Force Engagement Controller
Underwater Battery. Where mk 116 is located.
Anti surface/subsurface Warfare Controller
Anti surface/subsurface Tactical Air Controller
What does ASTAC listen to?
Surface Radar Controller
Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer. True Geographic plot of the ship
What inputs the DDRT?
DRAI (Dead Reckoning Analyzer and Tracer
What Rader is located next to the DDRT?
Launch Control Officer
Engagement Planner
Surface Warfare Controller
Weapons Control Interface Panel
What happens at the WCIP?
We can fire Harpoon missiles
Surface Warfare supervisor. Monitors SRC
Combat Systems Controller
Radar systems controller
What radar does RSC Monitor?
Air Radar Controller
Anti Air Warfare Supervisor
Aircraft Control Supervisor
Air Intercept Controller
What is located between ACS and AIC?
TACAN remote
Tactical Information Controller
Identification Supervisor
What does IDS and TIC monitor?
Electronic Warfare Console Operator.
Electronic Warfare Supervisor.
Remote Control Station. For CIWS
Missile System Supervisor
Who is the Operations Officer?
LCDR Crosby
Who is the COMMS Officer?
ENS Shipley
What is the Primary mission of CIC?
Gather, Process, Display, Evaluate, and Disseminate
Secondary Mission of CIC?
Assist in Navigation, control small boats and aircraft.
What is an OPORDER?
order issued by a commander for the execution of an operation
What is an OPPLAN?
Plan formulated by the command to execute an order.
What is an OPTASK?
execution of an order.
Who is the SIGWO?
CWO 3 Webb
Who is the EMO?
ENS Brusso
What is a MIO?
Maritime Interdiction Operation
What is a NEO?
Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation
What is SAR?
Search and Rescue
What is a SSN?
Fast Attack Submarine
What is a SSBN
Nuclear Ballistic Submarine
Name 4 aircraft that can land on a carrier?
F/A Hornet, EA-6B Prowler, E-2 Hawkeye,, AV-8 Harrier, SH60B, C-2 COD.
What type of Helo do we have onboard?
What is the difference between a 60B and a 60F?
60B uses HAWKLINK and 60F uses LANLINE for communications
What is the amount of time to process the following messages:
Immediate (O)
Priority (P)
Routine (R)
Flash- 10 min or less
Immediate - 30 min
Priority - 3 hours
Routine - 6 hours
reduce voice and record traffic to only essential or critical traffic
When classified information has been spilled to an unclassified source
Intruder on the radio net
What is the color code for the following classifications:
What are the 4 types of casualty reports?
CASCAN, CASCOR, Initial, Update
What is a LOGREQ?
Submitted before a ship pulls into port requesting and describing what services are needed/required.
What is a MOVREP?
primary source of location information for the Navy. Must be submitted 24-48 hours before getting underway and immediately after arrival.
What is the purpose of OPREP-3 Pinnacle?
To notify the highest levels of the chain of command (President). concerning especially severe incidents.
What is the purpose of OPREP-3 Navy Blue?
To notify the highest levels of military Chain of Command (CNO). Minor but newsworthy incidents.
What is a SITREP?
minor incidents in which the CO wants to inform the chain of command (TYCOM)
What is the SQQ-89? What is it comprised of?
The entire sonar suite. Consists of:
Mk 116 UFCS
What is the SQS-53D?
Primary Active Sonar System
Where is the SQS-53D located
FWD in the Sonar Dome
Max range of the 53D?
80,000 yards
What Consoles operate the 53D?
What is the sonar dome filled with?
fresh water
What is the sonar dome pressurized to?
34+/- 2 PSI
What is the dome covered with?
Rubber Window
What cools the 53D?
Sonar Skid
Where is the equipment for the 53D located?
Sonar 1-4
What is the SQR-19A
TACTAS. The primary Passive Sonar System
Where is TACTAS located?
How long is the TACTAS Cable?
5600 ft
How much of the TACTAS cable can be deployed?
5200 ft
How long is the TACTAS array?
800 feet
How many modules on the TACTAS array?
20 modules each 40 ft long
What consoles operate TACTAS?
OJ-452 x 2
What are the deploying/retreiving restrictions for TACTAS?
Max sea state: 5
Deploying: 5-15 knots
Retrieving: 10-15 knots
No more than a 5 degree rudder angle
What are the towing restrictions for TACTAS?
Max speed of 32 knots
must keep forward motion
max sea state of 6
Ship turns can not exceed 180 degrees
What is the SQQ-28?
Ships Sonobuoy Processing System
What 2 Antennas do sonobuoys use?
ARR-75 --Ship to buoy
SQR-4 Hawklink. buoy to helo-to ship
What 4 sonobuoys do we have onboard?
SSQ-53- DIFAR (pointer)(passive)
SSQ-62 DICASS (Cadillac)(active)
What does DIFAR mean?
Digital Low frequency analysis and reciever
What does DICASS?
Directional Command Activated Sonobuoy
What does VLAD mean?
Vertical Line Array DIFAR
What does LAMPS mean?
Light Airborne Multipurpose System
Where is the sonobuoy equipment located?
Sonar 5
What is the Mk 116
underwater fire control system
What link does the P-3 Orion use to communicate?
What type of torpedo do we carry onboard?
MK 46
What 3 ways can we deliver torpedoes?
What is the range of a VLA mk 46?
17,700 yards
what is the MK 32
Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes
what air pressure is used to launch torpedoes from the Mk 32?
1600 psi
What 3 places can we launch a torpedo from?
CIC at UBS, and the Torpedo settings panel located in STBD torpedo room, or directly from the torpedo tubes
What is the range of torpedoes fired from the SVTT?
3000 yards
How many torps/sonobuoys can a SH-60B carry?
2 torps/ 25 buoys
How many torps/sonobuoys can a P-3 Orion carry?
8 torps/84 buoys
What is the SLQ-25
NIXIE---Torpedo counter measure
How long is the NIXIE cable?
2100 ft 1800 ft deployable
What modes of decoy can NIXIE employ?
What is MICM?
Magnetically Induced Counter measure
What is the WQC-2
Gerturde. Underwater ship to ship/ship to sub unsecure comms
What is the WQC-6?
Probe Alert. Secure 1 way ship to sub comms
What are XBTs?
expendable bathythermographs
What is SIMAS?
Sonar In Situ Mode Assessment System
How do XBTs and SIMAS work together?
XBTs transmit temperature vs depth data to SIMAS which computes ideal settings for Sonar
On Board Trainer
What does SONAR stand for?
Sound Navigation and Ranging
What type of Anchor on board?
Navy Standard stockless 9,000 lb
What type of anchor chain?
standard die-lock chain
name the parts of the out board swivel shot assembly?
regular chain links, detachable link, swivel, bending shackle, end link
What is the bitter end of the chain secure to in the chain locker?
safety shackle attached to a reinforced padeye.
Purpose of a chain swivel?
minimize kinking or twisting of the chain
What two chain stoppers do we use?
Housing stopper and riding stopper?
What is the difference between chain stoppers and towing stoppers?
towing chain stoppers have locking plates
How many shots of chain on the centerline?
How many shots of chain on star board side?
how long is each shot of chain?
15 fathoms/90 feeet
How do we mark which shot of chain is on deck?
detachable links are painted red, white, or blue and and surrounded on each side by a white link for every shot. ex 3rd shot one blue link surrounded by 3 white links on each side
What color are the last two shots of chain?
yellow and red
what are the last two shots of chain called?
warning shot and danger shot
How much chain is paid out at anchor?
5-7 times depth of water.
why is a ship usually moving when anchoring?
to prevent the chain from piling and fouling the anchor.
What is the standard size mortise on all mooring shackles?
7 inches
What type of davits onboard?
Gravity (starboard)
Vest (port)
How many people to launch a RHIB and who are they?
5. Boat engineer, boat officer, coxswain, 2 SAR swimmers.
How many people can the RHIB hold in fair and foul seas?
18 fair
9 foul
What is the sequence for launching a RHIB?
1.) Start motor @ 6 inches above water.
2.) release davit hook
3.) cast off aft line
4.) cast off forward line
5.) cast off sea painter
How many life rafts on board?
How many people can each life raft hold?
What are two ways to deploy a life raft?
Automatically--at a depth of 10-40 ft water pressure will relase the raft.
Manually--pull pin and push button
How are lines measured?
by circumference
How is wire rope measured?
by diameter
what is a hawser?
any line 5 inches or greater in circumference.
What type of line is used for mooring?
Four strand kevlar
How many lines to moor and what are their names?
6 lines.
1.) bow line,
2.) FWD Bow spring line
3.) AFT bow spring line
4.) Fwd aft quarter spring line
5.) Aft quarter spring line
6.) Aft line
What is a tattletale?
Line used to gauge the amount of strain on a line
What does two white flares mean?
Steady on Present course.
What does one white flare mean?
Steer straight away from ship.
What does one red flare mean?
Steer Left
One green flare?
steer right
2 green flares?
steer straight toward ship
2 red flares?
return to ship
What does one red flare from a RHIB indicate?
Need assistance
What does one green flare from a RHIB indicate?
Cannot find the man
What does one white flare from a RHIB indicate?
Have recovered the man
What is the day flag and night light for a Small craft warning?
1 red pennant or red over white at night
What is the day flag and night light for a Gale warning?
2 red pennants or white above red at night.
What is the day flag and night light for a storm warning?
single red flag with black square or two red lights at night
What is the day flag and night light for a Hurricane/Typhoon?
2 red flags with black squares or red-white-red lights at night.
What are the two methods of UNREP?
How long is the star messenger?
800 feet
What does STREAM mean?
Standard Tension Replenishment Alongside Method
P & D line?
Phone and distance line
How long is the P & D line
350 feet
How far apart are the markings on a P & D Line?
every 20 feet
How do mark P&D distance at night?
red chem lights every 20 feet. 2 Blue lights a 60, 100, 140 and 180 feet.
What indicates the probe is properly seated?
The rabbit ears will rise to a position of 30 degrees
How many pounds of pressure to seat the probe?
300 lbs
How many pounds of pressure to release the probe?
2500 lbs
What is easy out line used for?
to prevent the probe from striking the deck.
What does Romeo at the dip indicate?
steady on course and speed and preparing to take you alongside.
What does Romeo close up indicate?
ready for your approach
What does Romeo hauled down indicate?
messenger in hand.
Prep at the dip?
disengage in 15 minutes
Prep close up
disengaging from last station now
Prep hauled down
last line clear.
Bravo at the dip?
temporarily ceased pumping
Bravo close up?
transferring/receiving fuel or ammo
Bravo hauled down?
unrep complete
What does Red deck mean
Engine Start/stop
What does Amber deck mean?
Rotor engagement
What does green deck mean?
What does HIFR mean?
Helo in flight refuling
What 3 methods of refueling a helo?
Hot--rotors engaged
cold-rotors disengaged
HIFR--helo in flight
3 ways to lay out line?
Fake, Coil, and Flemish
What are the color of the flags on a P&D line?
Green, Red, Yellow,Blue, White
What is the thickness of spanwire?
7/8 inch
3 ways to drain a fuel hose?
gravity, blow through, back suction.
How long is each section of collapsible fuel hose?
35 ft
What does SURF stand for?
Standard Underway Replenishment Fixture
What does STAR mean?
Surf Traversing Actuated Remotely
how thick is highline?
1 inch
What is the primary mission of the SLQ-32?
ANti Ship Missile Defense
What is the secondary mission of the SLQ-32?
Electronic Support
What are the 4 componets of the SLQ-32?
SLQ-32 Console located in CIC
Equipment racks located in the EW shop
3 Antennas located on the 03 level
Cooling Skid located in the heat exchange room
What system do we use to launch SRBOC?
MK 53
What does SRBOC stand for?
Super Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff
What 3 types of SRBOC do we have on board?
Mk 214 Seduction
Mk 216 Distraction
Mk 245 Giant IR (Infrared)
What is Mk 234?
How many chaff launchers do we have on board?
6--2 each on 03, 04,& 05
How many rounds in each launcher?
How many total rounds of chaff can we hold on board?
How many Chaff RSL's do we have?
How many rounds does each RSL hold?
How many NULK launchers do we have on board?
4 each holding 2 rounds.
Where are the NULA launchers located?
3 on 04 level. 1 on 05 level.
What are the three types of Electronic Warfare?
ES--Electronic Support
EA--Electronic attack
EP--Electronic Protect
Define Electronic Support.
Contact information on the SLQ-32 used to help identify contacts.
Define Electronic Attack.
Jamming, Chaff, NULKA.
Define Electronic Protect.
EMCON. Used to reduce own ship's emissions to control enemy radar picture.
How many levels of EMCON? What are they?
A- Silence. No emissions.
A1-Modified Alpha. Only crucial (NAV) radars operate.
B-Satellite Vulnerability. 5 min before and 5 minute after.
C- High Value Unit. HVU turns off radar while surrounding ships turn on all radars.
D- Essential emissions. Normal.
What is PCMS? What does it do?
Passive Counter Measures System. Reduces own ship's radar cross section. Presents different radar picture.
What equipment is used with SLQ-32?
ULQ-16 & SLA 10B
What does the ULQ 16 do?
Fine grain pulse analysis.
what does the SLA 10 do?
Blanks out own ship's radars to reduce interference.
What are the 4 tactical modes for the Mk 86?
What are the 3 non-tactical modes for the Mk 86?
What is the primary radar for the Mk 86 GFCS?
What is the range of the SPQ-9?
20 NM.
How many surface tracks can the SPQ-9 hold?
How many air contacts can the SPQ-9 hold?
2. Via SPY 1B
What is grid mode?
Ship receives targeting coordinates from a spotter.
What are the different types of NSFS missions?
Area Target
Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD).
Coordinated Illumination
What is Coordinated Illumination?
One gun fires Illum rounds while the other fires HE rounds.
What is Optical Mode?
System uses the ROS (Remote Optical sight) to visually identify a target.
What is the rate of fire for the 5" guns?
16-20 rds per minute.
What is the Max and effective range for a surface target?
Max: 13 MN
Effective: 9 NM
What are the determining factors for the rate of fire for the 5"?
The elevation of the barrel and whether a fuze needs to be set on the round.
What is the effective range for an air target?
Max: 9NM
Effective: 4.5 NM
How many consoles for the Mk 86 system? What are they?
3. WCC1, WCC2, COC.
What does each console control?
WCC1 can fire either one or both mounts at the same time. If both mounts are fired from the same console then only one target may be engaged.
How many targets can be engaged in normal mode? In Optical?
2 targets at the same time in normal. Only one in optical.
How long is the 5" barrel?
270 inches.
What is a hot gun for the 5"?
50 rounds in 4 hours.