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how many AFFF stations are there on board ENTERPRISE?
finished foam is mixed with what ration of seawater to foam?
94% water 6%foam
what is the capacity of the AFFF concentrate tanks?
600 gallons
how many AFFF reserve tanks do we have?
how much is in each reserve tank?
3500 gallons
if CO2 fails to extinguish a class "CHARLIE" cableway fire, what is the appropriate alternate agent?
high velocity fog, 4 ft from the fire, short burst
what type of firemain system is on board ENTERPRISE?
composite loop
what is ENTERPRISE's firemain system maintained at?
how many fire pumps are there?
what are the capacity of the fire pumps?
1000gpm electric
2000gpm steam
name some systems that depend on the firemain system for their operation
AFFF, CMWD, mag sprinkler, JBD's, flushing, RADAR cooling, AC units and main drainage
how do you stop a crack or split seam from spreading?
drill a hole on each end of the crack
what is the rule of thumb in determinig the correct size of plug to use for plugging?
2 inches bigger than the hole
soft patches are temporary repairs for non-flammable systems rated at what psi?
which systems are soft patches not recommended for?
high pressure steam and petrolem