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What is the purpose of the (Main Reduction Gear) MRGs?
To convert high speed/low torque to low speed/high torque to turn the shafts.
What MARK and MOD VLS do we have?
What is gained/lost by having MARK 41 MOD 0?
Gained 6 cells but lost a strike down crane.
What does the term Amber deck mean?
Permission to start engines and rudders
Seawater service pumps supply cooling to 7 things. Name 4.
1. LP Air Compressors
2. Main LP Coolers
3. Masker Air Coolers
4. Praire Air Coolers
5. Refrigeration Plants
6. Air Conditioning Plants
7. AGS Heat Exchanger
What is CEB?
Combined Effect Bomblet
What is the OA's primary Surface Serach Radar and what is it's range?
SPS-67 70NM
What does the acronym WSC mean?
Weapons Control System
What is WSC?
Translates engagement orders received from C&D into commands which will select and control the combat systems weapon
Name the engineering spaces starting FWD and working AFT
1. Fwd VCHT
2. AUX1
3. MER1
4. AUX2
5. MER2
6. Shaft Alley
7. 3 Generator Room
What is OA's primary form of fuel?
Nato F-76
What does GTM stand for?
Gas Turbine Modules
How many GTM are onboard and where are they located?
7 onboard.
4 Gas Turbine Engines - (2) MER1 & (2) MER2
3 Gas Turbine Generators - (1) AUX1, (1) MER2, (1) 3 GEN
How many unrep stations does OA have?
What does "RED DECK" Mean?
The ship does not meet the requirements to conduct flight ops.
What is the purpose of degaussing?
To counteract/neutralize the magnetic field produced by the permenent and induced magnetization thereby making the ship 'magnetically invisible'
What do the PACCs control?
GTM's, lube oil, and fuel oil.
Applying a small voltage to the ships hull to slow down the rusting process is known as _____________.
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
What are the safety precautions associated with hydrogen sulfide gas?
Smell of rotten eggs in a space, get out of the space and call a gas free engineer.