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What is NAVSUP P-485?
Procedures, rules and regulations for supply
What is COSAL? How many parts? What are they?
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List

3 Parts
What is Validating the COSAL?
Reporting and justifying a need to add/remove material to the supply database. i.e. Carrying LCAC parts because we have LCACs onboard. Removing LCAC parts because LCACs are no longer onboard
How do you Add/Remove/Update the COSAL?
Before adding, removing or updating the COSAL, you must first validate the need. After validation has taken effect than the form OPNAV 4790/CK is utilized for building/maintaining a stock record for the material being entered into the supply database
What effects do frequently ordered parts have on demand processing?
The more material each division orders, the more Supply is required to carry. The more space is allotted for the items.
What are Bulkhead Ready Spares?
Items that are placed in workcenter spaces who use them when Supply has no more space available
What is BAMS?
Battlegroup Asset Management System - The ability for us to look within our battlegroup for material/parts
What is CRAMSI?
Consolidated Residual Management System Inventory - Opposite of BAMS, the battlegroup looks at us for supplies
What is OPTAR?
Operating Target - Money comes from TYCOM, then Stock Control Officer, then Departments, then Division, then RPPO. It has 2 parts to it not including the repairable and consumable funds. The other 2 funds are EMRM and OTHER
What is EMRM?
Equipment Maintenance Related Material - Equipment that is used to fix other equipment which can also be repaired. (Work Benches, Chainsaw, etc...)
What is OTHER?
Material that is free from divisional OPTAR. (Toiletries, SCBA bottles, lights, nonskid, etc...)
What is Hazardous Material Reutilization
Saves the Navy money. Allows other people to use the hazmat if you don't use it all
What is DRMO?
Defense Reutilization Marketing Office - Saves the Navy money. Turn in all bad material no longer operable, then ship is then compensated through OPTAR
What is MTIS?
Material Turn In to Store - Turn in good material that's in excess and recieve credit for it through TYCOM/OPTAR
What is a Fleet Freight/Cargo Message?
A message sent out to show where we will be to get our logistic hits. Our expected location to receive material, mail and personnel
What is the purpose of the Ship Store Afloat?
Morale, Health and Comfort, money for MWR
What is Endurance Loading of Subsistence?
How long we can last without a replenishment. 30 days inport, 45 days during workups, 90 days out to sea
What is BDFA?
Basic Daily Food Allowance - Guaranteed 3 meals a day. Money is taken from your check regardless if you eat or not
What are Rations Utilized during Battle Stations?
When galley personnel are not available, Bag Lunches and MRE