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what is the report 21?
used to balance the OPTAR log
what is the time requirement for a CASREP?
24 hours
what is the advice code for RIP items?
what is the advice code for NRFI items?
what is credit distribution?
material turned back into supply. credit goes to TYCOM
what is battle messing?
food for extended GQ. sandwich, chips, etc. 2 cans of juice
what is subsistence endurance load?
when supply dept. orders enough food for crew for 3 months
what does DRMO stand for?
Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
where do profits from the ships store go?
what is Fleet Freight/Cargo message?
when the supply ship tells the receiving ship (before unrep) what's coming to them during their unrep
what is priority designators for wartime?
what is OPTAR?
operating target-checkbook for buying supplies
what is the basic daily food allowance?
what is priority designators for in port (CONUS)?
3, 6, 13
what is priority designators for underway (OUTCONUS)
2, 5, 12