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Holland's Highly Differentiated Person
Scores high on only one of the six personality types
Covert Modeling
Covert modeling involves the learning of new behaviors or the altering of existing behaviors by imagining scenes of others interacting with the environment.
Moderate Mental Retardation
Individuals with moderate retardation have an IQ between 35-40 and 50-55. According to the DSM, as adults, they can contribute to their own support by performing unskilled or semi-skilled tasks under supervision -- in sheltered workshops or in the competitive job market. They constitute 10% of the mentally retarded population, they are unlikely to progress beyond the second grade level in academic skills, and they can talk or learn to communicate during the preschool years.
Interviews as Selection Technique
When interviewers get biodata information interviewee prior to the interview, interviewers give less credence to interview information when the biodata is not supportive of a decision to hire than when the biodata is very supportive of a decision to hire
Adlerian Psychotherapy
Diplomatic, Warm, Empathic, Socratic
-12 progressive stages to awake person's sense of community
-6 phases of up to 3 stages
-therapy is a creative practice and unique to each individual
Treatment of Nicotine Dependence
Adding a behavioral intervention helps for long-term abstinence, but not short-term abstinence
Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
33-50% of ppl with panic d/o also have agoraphobia
Trainability Test
Used to determine of employees are suitable for training - - type of job sample and will not tell you how successful person will be on the job
Elaboration Likelihood Model
2 routes of communication
Central Route:
Peripheral Route: best if communicator is high status, person is distracted, and/or message appeals to fear
Guilford Theory of Intelligence
associated with divergent and convergent thinking