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You have been asked to serve as a fact witness by your client's attorney. When asked in court, do you offer an opinion?
No. Expert witnesses offer opinions. Fact witness can give opinion only if ORDERED by court and then opinion must be qualified by statement about limitations of opinion.
Who was the author of the Doll study which found that African American kids preferred white dolls and labelled black dolls 'bad'?
Kenneth and Mamie Clark. Cited during Brown vs. Board of Ed. segregation case.
If asked by a custodial parent, should a psychologist who is working with a child in therapy render an opinion in a custody hearing?
No. The evaluative relationship would be a dual relationship given the existing therapeutic relationship.
Name two treatments for migraine headaches that have shown some positive outcomes.
Autogenic training (relaxation training with auto-suggestion) and thermal biofeedback (individual is given info about their skin temperature).
Results of Wernicke's aphasia:
Affects comprehension (Wernicke's area is in temporal lobe/auditory cortex). Related difficulties with spoken and written language, and anomia (can't recall words).
Results of Broca's aphasia:
Difficulty expressing language and therefore also difficulty repeating what others have said.
Damage to arcuate fasciculus results in what problem?
Conduction aphasia
Results of conduction aphasia:
Difficulty repeating what one has heard.
What is the relationship between group heterogeneity and correlation coefficient?
The more heterogeneous the group (i.e. the wider the variability), the higher the coefficient will be.
How would a supervisor counter the effects of social loafing?
Make individual's jobs more challenging, and provide individual recognition.
An animal can be killed in research by a psychologist when:
"when it is appropriate, done rapidly, w/effort to minimize pain" - from Ethical Standards (animals in research).
A researcher presents a "V" on the screen. The most common incorrect response was : A, B, W, or X?
The most common error was "B" suggesting that short term information is ususally stored acoustically
In normal aging, which type of memory is most affected? Semantic, episodic, or procedural?
Episodic -- memory of specific events including autobiographical memories.
What neurotransmitter is associated with Tourette's disorder?

(others studies show links to serotonin and norepinephrine)
Does job enrichment increase job performance?
Yes, for quality not quantity of performance. Also results in some increase in satisfaction, lower absentee and turnover, particularly for young well educated, high Ach types.
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome -- what is it?
Rare but potentially lethal effect of neuroleptic (Clozaril/Clozapine) antipsychotics. Muscle rigidity, tachycardia, sweating, hyperthermia, altered consciousness.
The number of values free to vary in a statistical calculation is called:
Degrees of freedom
What is the statistical calculation for the variability of scores called?
R squared indicates what?
Improvement in the ability to predict scores using the regression line.
When a predictor of a selection test is raised, what is the result?
Fewer people are selected overall. Fewer OVERALL true AND false positives, but raised potential for true positives.
Implicit (procedural)memory involves which brain structures?
Basal ganglia
ventral thalamus
premotor cortex
Explicit (semantic, episodic)memory involves which brain structures?
medial thalamus
prefrontal cortex
In factor analysis, oblique rotation is preferred when?
When underlying traits are believed to be dependent
Carbamazepine: What's the trade name and when might it be used instead of lithium?
Tegretol. (Anticonvulsant and mood stabilizer). Better for rapid cycling and dysphoric mania.
Which has a faster onset of action, litium or carbamazepine?
What is functional amnesia?
Retrograde amnesia, especially for autobiographical information. (Also called psychogenic amnesia). Distinct from organic amnesias.
Locke and Latham's Goal Setting Theory
-Specific, challenging goals lead to higher performance (linear relationship btwn goal and performance)
-intention, direction, effort, and persistence mediate performance
What is the operant conditioning model of depression?
Person is on a prolonged extinction schedule -- has not had access to reinforcement.
Are personnel selection techniques focusing on "person-organization fit" effective?
Mixed. Have positive effects on individual satisfaction, productivity, but may have negative effects on organization long term
Delayed recall of specific events is first evident in children at what age?
13 months (just at walking)
How does maternal employment affect children's cognitive development and academic achievement?
Generally is a positive effect. Negative effect when mother wants to work but is staying at home. (This result is mediated by "maternal conflict")
How is clozapine (Clozaril) presumed to affect schizophrenia?
Helps balance dopamine and norepinephrine (paranoid schiz may have high levels of norepinephrine).
What are the sub-types of ADHD
i. combined type
ii. predominantly inattentive type
iii. predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type
What are some ways to control for the effects of an extraneous variable?
What are organic causes of mood disorder?
-hallucinogens and PCP
-hypo, hyperthyroidism (endocrine disorders)
-carcinoma of pancreas
-viral illness
What are the minimum and maximum values o the standard error of measurement?
0 and the standard deviation of test scores.
What is the assumption of homoscedasticity?
In regression equation, the variability of Y scores is equal throughout the range of X scores.
Symptoms of memory impairment, faulty judgement and impaired concentration would most likely result from damage to which part of the brain?
Temporal lobe. (Note inclusion of memory with judgment and concentration which would otherwise indicate frontal lobe).
Should you agree to enroll the child of a friend in your workshop on learning study skills?
No. Dual relationship.
Difference between agnosia and aphasia?
Agnosia is loss of ability to recognize or comprehend, usually nonverbal. Aphasia is when lack of ability is in the verbal domain.
What are the findings from the social psychology study called the Prisoner's Dilemma?
In the situation where cooperation leads to moderate rewards for both and competition leads to winner-takes-all, people compete.
What is Seyle's General Adaptation Syndrome?
Model of reaction to stress:

Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion
Guttman scale
Attitude scale where agreement with any item implies agreement with lower-level items (i.e. "I like eating ice cream" implies agreement with "I like some dairy foods")