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1. What are the four phases of the basic steam cycle?
Generation; Expansion; Condensation & Feed
2. How many SSTG's are there and where are they located?
6: 1MMR, 3MMR, AMR (2 in each)
3. What is the electrical classification of the SSTG?
4010AMPS; 2500KW; 450V; 60H; 3Phase
4. The Main Engine Reduction Gears do what?
Takes the used steam from the Turbine and changes it into shaft speed
5. What do the Thrust bearings do?
Take the forward and backward movement out of the shaft
6. What do the Main Condensers do?
Take the used steam from the turbine and condenses it into a liquid called condensate
7. What are the Jacking Gears used for?
Warming up and cooling down of the main engine; and it keeps the shaft from blowing
8. What does the Air Ejector do?
Takes the air and gas out of the water
9. What does DFT stand for?
Deairating Feed Tank
10. What three things does the DFT do?
Deairates; Preheats & Stores Feed water
11. What are the four things that use 1200psi steam?
12. What temperature is 1200psi main steam from the boiler?
825-975 degrees
13. What types of boiler are used?
Modified "D" Type
14. How are the boilers made by?
Babcock & Wilcox
15. What does the economizer do?
Preheats the water before it enters the boiler
16. What does the steam drum do?
Makes the steam in the boiler
17. What does the super heater do?
Raises the temperature of the steam into super heated steam
18. What does the Main Engine (ME) High Pressure (HP) do?
Used to Steer Forwards
19. What does the Main Engine (ME) Low Pressure (LP) do?
Used to Steer Backwards
20. What happens in the Main Condenser?
Steam comes inform the main engine; Turns into Condensate as it passes over water; then is stored in the HW
21. What is the bottom of the Main Condenser called?
Hot Well
22. What does the Condensate Pump do?
Pumps the water out of the main condenser into the air ejector.
23. How many Condensate Pumps are in each MMR?
2 [both Electric]
24. What does the air ejector do; and what is special about it?
It Ejects Air; One side is Red & the other side is Green
25. What does the Main Feed Booster Pump do?
Pumps water from the DFT into the MFP
26. How many MFBP's are there in each MMR?
4 [all Electric]
27. What does the Main Feed Pump do?
Pumps water into the boiler (via the economizer)
28. How many MFP's are there in each MMR?
3 [all Steam]
29. The Fuel Oil Service Pump do what?
Pumps Fuel into the boiler
30. How many fuel oil service pumps are in each boiler?
4: [3steam, 1electric for light off]
31. What routes fuel to the boiler light off?
Burner Barrels
32. What is used to light the fuel in the boiler for light off?
33. What type of fuel does the boiler use?
34. What does DFM stand for?
Diesel Fuel Marine
35. How much DFM can JFK hold?
2.5 million
36. What do the Force Draft Blowers do?
Provide Air for the boiler [6steam, 1electric on the "B" boiler for light off]
37. Which boiler must be lit off first/Why?
B boiler; location of electric FDB & FOSP
38. In the MMR's, what is the only air condition space?
Console Booth {75-78 deg}
39. What are the three ways to operate the boiler?
Auto; Remote Manual & Local Manual
40. What is needed to operate the boiler?
Air, Fuel & Water
41. What is the most important log?
Bell Log [only official doc]
42. What are the 2 chemical ways to treat the boiler?
Batch [manual] & Continuous [auto]
43. What is the difference between the two Throttle Hand wheels?
Forward is Big & Astern is Small
44. What are the three types of Main Engine Lube Oil Pumps?
SLOP [steam], ELOP [electric] & Attach [mechanical]
45. What is the rule for light off?
Two man Rule
46. What color is used to surround the light off area?
Red/Yellow Striped
47. Where is the mural located?
AMR [Jesus walking on water]
48. What is the MK-19 and where is it located?
Gyrocompass; Aft IC
49. What is another name for the distilling plants?
50. How many Evaps do we have and where are they?
5: 2MMR(2) 4MMR(2) & AMR (1)
51. What type of Evaporator do we have?
3 Stage Flash Type
52. How much water does each Evap make a day?
90,000 gallons
53. How much water is each person allotted each day?
35 gallons
54. How much potable water can the ship hold?
370,000 gallons
55. How many potable water tanks are there?
56. How many water tanks are there?
4: 2MMR(2) 4MMR(2)
57. What is used to chlorinate the potable water tanks?
Calcium Hypo chlorite (kills bacteria in the water)