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1. How many anchors on board JFK?
2. What type of anchors on board JFK?
Navy Standard Stockless
3. How much does each anchor weigh?
30 Tons
4. How many Fathoms in a shot of chain?
5. The shots of chain are what color?
1st RED, 2nd WHITE, 3rd BLUE, 4th RED, 5th WHITE, 6th BLUE, 7th RED 8th WHITE, 9th BLUE, 10th RED, 11th ALL YELLOW, 12th ALL RED
6. How much does a Detachable link weigh?
410 lbs
7. How much does a Regular link weigh?
367 lbs
8. How many brakes per anchor chain?
9. What are the types of anchor brakes?
Hydraulic, Manual & Nitrogen Bursts
10. How many shots per anchor chain?
11. How many chain stoppers per anchor chain?
12. What are the three types of chain stoppers?
Housing, Hurricane & Riding
13. How many UNREP stations on board JFK?
14. How many refueling stations?
15. What are the four refueling stations?
9F, 17F, 19F & 21F
16. Which refueling station can we send fuel from?
17. How many double probe refuel stations are there and what are they?
2: 17F & 19F
18. How many cargo stations are there?
19. What are the two cargo stations?
13C & 25C
20. Where are the cargo stations located?
13C: Ele 2; 25C: Ele 3
21. What color/distance are the flags on the Phone and Distance Line?
R-20, 120, 220; Y-40, 140, 240; B-60, 160, 260; W-80, 180, 280 G-0, 100,200,300
22. What personnel would be at an UNREP station?
Rig Caption (yellow); Riggers (blue); Signalman (green); Capstan Operator (brown); Gunnersmate (red); Safety Officer (white w/green cross); Medical (white w/red cross); Refueling Team (purple); Phone Talker (green no chin strap)
23. Who is in charge of the Rig Team?
Rig Captain
24.What sound do you hear for Emergency Breakaway?
5 short blasts of the ship's whistle
24. What is an Emergency Breakaway?
Accelerated normal Breakaway
25. How many boats onboard?
5; 2UB, 2RHIB, CO's GIG
26. Which boat is the ready lifeboat?
Starboard RHIB
27. How many types of man over board recovery are there?
28. What are the types of man overboard recovery?
Helo, RHIB & Shipboard
29. Which man overboard recovery is not used on board a carrier?
30. How many personnel make up the ready lifeboat?
31. Who is in the ready lifeboat?
Boat Coxswain, Boat Officer, Engineer, SAR Swimmer & Signalman
32. What percent of a persons weight is put on the monkey lines?
33. What is the sea painter used for?
To keep the RHIB along side the ship
34. How many boat booms do we have?
35. What are the locations of the boat booms?
36. What are the boat booms used for?
To tie up small boats while the ship is at anchor
37. How many life rafts should be onboard?
38. How many people per life raft?
39. Who orders Abandon ship?
40. Where is a Dutch Ballard located?
On the side of the ship
41. What are Dutch Ballards used for?
Tie a Barge to the side of the ship
42. How do you measure wire rope?
43. What is a Marlinspike used for?
Splicing wire rope
44. How many mooring lines do we use on JFK?
45. What size are our mooring lines?
6 in
46. What are our storm lines?
2: 8 in
47. Where are the storm lines located?
Focsle & Fantail