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1. What are the six areas of naval doctrine?
Naval Warfare, Naval Intelligence, Naval Operations, Naval Logistics, Naval Planning & Naval Command and Control
2. What are the qualities that characterize the Navy/Marine Corps teas as instruments to Support national policies?
Competence, Integrity & Courage
3. What are the three levels of war?
Tactical, Operational & Strategic
4. What was the first ship named after an enlisted man?
USS Osmond Ingram (DD 255) Killed in WWI 1917
5. What were the three classes of vessels at the inception of the Navy?
Ships of the Line, Sloops of War & Frigates
6. What was the importance of the Battle of Coral Sea?
1st major battle fought without being able to see each other.
7. What was the importance of the Battle of Midway?
Turning point of WWII
8. What was the importance of the Battle of Guadalcanal?
Sullivan brothers killed, USS Sullivan’s first ship named for more than one person.
9. Who is the Commander in Chief?
President George W. Bush
10. Who is the Secretary of Defense?
Robert M. Gates
11. Who is the Secretary of Navy?
Gordon England
12. Who is the CNO?
ADM Michael G. Mullen
13. Who is the MCPON?
MCPO Joe R. Campa (Liaison Enlisted to CNO)
14. Who is the CO?
Capt Zechin (Overall responsible for the safety of the crew)
15. Who is the XO?
Capt Robinson (Maintain good order and discipline)
16. Who is the CMC?
MCPO Dassance (Liaison between crew and CO)
17. Who is the Command Security Manager?
ENS Anderson
18. Who are the Command Ombudsman’s?
Jody and Cheryl (Liaison between military members and family members)
19. Who is the Command Financial Specialist? Who is the Command Dapa?
LIC Rivera; AOC Battle
20. Who is the Chief Engineer?
CDR Allejo
21. Who is the DCA?
LTCDR Lindfors
22. Who is the Command Managed Equal Opportunity Program?
ATCS Hall (manage the CAT team)
23. State the Geographic Area of Responsibility of the Military Sea Lift Command (MSC)?
World Wide
24. State the Geographic Area of the 2nd Fleet?
Atlantic Ocean
25. State the Geographic Area of Responsibility of the 3rd and 7th Fleet?
Pacific and Indian Ocean
26. State the Geographic Area of the 5th Fleet?
Persian Gulf
27. State the Geographic Area of the 6th Fleet?
Mediterranean Sea
28. What does the acronym SORM stand for?
Standard Organization and Regulations Manual.
29. What instructions can I find the SORM?
30. When are 8 o’clocks taken?
1700 underway, 1900 inport
31. Report of Offenses:
Report Chit NAVPERS 1626/7
32. What does the acronym EDVR stand for?
Enlisted Distribution Verification Report
33. How often is it updated?
34. How many section are contained in the EDVR?
35. What is the purpose of the EDVR?
It’s the ships manpower document
36. Name some of the things that the EDVR provide?
Name, SSN, Rate, NEC, EAOS, PRD, Warfare Designation & EFM status
37. What are the six watch standing positions on the bridge underway?
OOD, JOOD. QMOW (Quarter Master of the Watch), BMOW (Boatswain Mate of the Watch), LEE Helmsman & Helmsman
38. What are the inport watch standing structure positions?
39. How often are hash marks given?
Every four years
40. How often are good conduct medals given?
Every three years
41. What does the term DTG stand for in a Naval Message?
Date, Time, Group
42. How many characters long is the Naval message?
43. What are the 12 characters of a Naval message?
DTG, From line, To line, Info line, Classification/Declassification line, Standard Subject Identification line, Subject line, Passing Instructions, Reference line, Amplifying Info line, Narrative Info line & Text
44. What is the purpose for the PG 2 in the Enlisted Service Record?
Next of Kin
45. What is the purpose for the PG 4 in the Enlisted Service Record?
Training, PQS, Qualifications, College
46. What is the purpose for the PG 5 in the Enlisted Service Record?
History of Assignments
47. What is the purpose for the PG 13 in the Enlisted Service Record?
Admin remarks
48. What’s the purpose of the Command Assessment Team?
Survey Command Climate
49. When are Periodic Counseling /Evals due for E-6 through E-1?
E-6 = 15 NOV; E-5 = 15 MAR; E-4 = 15 JUN; E-3 and below = 15 JUL
50. How many types of discharges do we have?
51. What are the 5 types of discharges?
Honorable, Dishonorable, Other than Honorable, General & Bad Conduct
52. What does the acronym CMEO stand for?
Command Managed Equal Opportunity Program [ATCS Hall]
53. What is an Administrative Bill?
Procedures for every day admin Ex: POD, Berthing and zone inspections
54. What is an Operational Bill?
Sets fourth policies and procedures in the capability of the ship. Ex: Flight Ops, Sea and Anchor, Diving, EMCON, Heavy weather, etc.
55. What are Emergency Bills?
Provides organized procedures and assigns responsibility for controlling disaster suffered to the ship. Ex: Abandon ship, Man overboard, Aircraft Crash and Rescue, and general emergency (Collision, Grounding, CBR, Storm and Battle damage)
56. What is the Watch, Quarter and Station Bill?
Used to give the Divo instant access to personnel berthing assignment, duty section, watch stations, emergency watch station etc.
57. What are the ships in our battle group?
Boise (SSN764), Carney (DDG80), Hue City (CG66), John F. Kennedy (CV67), Oak Hill (LSD51), Roosevelt (DDG80), Seattle (AOE3), Spruance (DD963), Sullivan’s (DDG68), Taylor (FFG50), Toledo (SSN769), Trenton (LPD14), Underwood (FFG36), Vicksburg (CG69) & Wasp (LHD1)