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This gland is also known as the master gland or hypothesis.
Pituitary Gland
anterior pituitary gland
Regulates the growth of bone, muscle and other tissues.
Growth Hormone(GH) or Somatotropic Hormone (STH)
Stimulates the normal growth and development of the Adrenal Cortex and the secretion of corticosteroids.
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH)
Promotes and maintains the normal growth and development of the Thyroid Gland and stimulates the secretion of the thyroid hormones.
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Promotes the development of the breasts during pregnancy and stimulates the secretion of milk from the breasts after delivery of the baby.
Lactogenic Hormone (LTH) also known as prolacten
Stimulates the secretion of estrogen and the production of eggs (ova) in women and promotes the secretion of testosterone in the male.
Follical stimulating hormone (FSH)
Stimulates female ovulation and the secretion of testosterone in the male.
lutenizing hormone (LH)
controls the intensity of the pigmentation of the skin.
melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH)
posterior Pituitary Gland
Decreases the secretion of urine from the body by increasing the reabsorbtion of water by the renal tubules.
Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)
Stimulates the contraction of the uterus during child birth and stimulates the release of milk from the breasts of lactating women.
Oxytosen (OT)
regulation of eating, sleeping and reporoduction.
pineal gland
Hormone responsible for promoting sleep
Regulates growth and development of the body and helps maintain and control metabolism and body temperature.
Tryiadothyranine (T3)