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State the function and responsibilities of material control
Material control is responsible for processing and meeting the "parts" needs of the I- or O-level activity, and acts as a liason between the activity and the cognizant supply department. Material Control can also track the activity's OPTAR funds.
Discuss the following Operating Target (OPTAR) funding and give examples of items procured with each:
OFC-01 Flight Operations Fund
EX - flight clothing, consumable office supplies
OFC-50 Aviation Fleet Maintenance
EX - paints, towels, cleaning agents, aircraft components.
AVDLRs inducted from the squadron for repair, and AVDLRs being returned to the supply pool, are processed through
Parts received for AVDLR are processed thru where?
Parts ordered for shop support are received thru where?
Material Control
MILSTRIP stands for?
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
What is the purpose of MILSTRIP?
Prescribes standard data elements, codes and formats for requisitioning and issuing material from supply
Define ICRL
Individual Component Repair List - Lists all components for which and IMA maitains repair capability. The IRL is updated by the work center,and used by AMSU to identify the particular work center to shich an inducted component would be sent, and to what extent the work center would be able to repair that component.
Define CRIPL
Component Remain In Place List
listing of all Aviation Depot Level Repairables that do not require a "turn-in" when ordering
Define NMCS
Not Mission Capable
Define PMCS
Partial Mission capable
Define NSN
National Stock number
Define NIIN
National item identification number - 9 numbers
Define AVDLR
Aviation Depot Level Repairable - components that cannot be repaired at the IMA, and must be returned to NADEP for repair or rework
Define AWP
Awaiting Parts - on hold for replacment parts
Define IMRL
Individual Material Readiness List - listing of all text fixtures or assets maintained by a particular work center or division in the pursuit of repairing aircraft and its components
If ICRL tell you what a work center can repair.
IMRL tells you?
what tools are available for the repair
Define AIR
Activity Inventory Record
Portion of the IMRL that tells how many of each item, is on board, and how many of each you should have
Define EXREP
Expeditious Repair
Item with no replacement parts available for it in the Supply Pool. has assigned highest possible priority
Define SM&R
Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability codes. - a 5 digit alphabetic code that denotes what level of repair may be performed on an indiviual component