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what does HMUG stand for and what is it used for?
hazardous material users guide, provides ships personnel with a simple and easy to use aid to supplement technical data found in the MSDS
what are the 6 categories of hazmat?
Compressed gases
what is MAM's and what are they used for?
maintenance assist modules, help test parts of equipment
what is optar and why do we have an optar?
operational target, to keep track of ship's/dept's funds
what is an MOV and what types are there?
material obligation validation program, internal and external
who is the postal officer?
when would you receive battle rations?
during GQ
what is MSDS and what can you find on a MSDS sheet?
material safety data sheet, PPE, medical treatment, disposal info
what is PPE and where can you find out what type you need?
personnel protective equipment, HMUG/MSDS/MRC
what is a movrep used for?
provides info on ETD, ETA, location, and employment
how many hours prior to a ship's arrival inport conus must a logreq be submitted?
48 hours
what are the M's in the 3-M system?
maintenance, material, management
what is a NSN and how many digits are there?
national stock number, 13 digits
what is BDFA and how much is it per day?
basic daily food allowance, $7.70 per day
what is a DLR and what is it used for?
depot level repairable, repair items at supply depot to save money for the navy in replacement parts
what is a RIP and what is it used for?
remain in place, assigned to certain items that can't be taken out without a replacement part
what is a QPA and what is it used for?
quantity per application, limitation for every part requested
why do we have the fedlog?
to verify the info on the RPPO's order
what is DBQ's mission?
to operate offensively in a high density multi-threat environment
what is the importance of the cosal in relationship to the ship's mission and sustainability?
cosal is the coordinated shipboard allowance list, it is a list of the equipment onboard that we need to fulfill our mission
as far as the cosal goes what is the term validating mean.
every 2-3 years reconcilliate what is supported and what is not.
in terms of the cosal, what does updating mean?
modifications, additions, and deletions.
what is the automated shor interface/revised alternative data flow (ASI/RAD)?
received monthly from navsea in a sequence numbered tape. provides updates, configurations, and a report update to tell what is missing at the end of the month.
what is a bulkhead ready spare
bulky items that are stored in the actual spaces that they will be used
what is BAMS?
battle group asset management system, it's a database to assist force commanders by providing total assets of the battle group
what is CRAMSI?
consolidated residual asset management system inventory, database managed by navsealogcen
what is hazardous material reutilization?
the process of reusing hazmat
what is DRMO?
defense reutilization marketing office. used items are warehoused and then given to military units that can use the item, not charged.
what are the 2 components of the optar and what are their differences?
equipment maintenance related material (EMRM) - parts and parts repair consumables required for maintenance of equipment.
other - administrative and housekeeping items.
how is credit distributed for parts when they are turned back into supply?
item goes back to stock, turned into DRMO, credit is given to tycom who has a large pool of money that is distributed accordingly at the end of the FY.
what is the purpose of the ships store afloat?
provide comfort for the crew and generate funds for MWR. sells items at lowest possible price.
define the term endurance loading of subsistence and describe how it affects the ships mission and sustainability.
normally for 45 days but determined by tycom, it is how much stores is loaded to sustain the ship for a designated amount of time to all for continuous operations.
what is a form 1359 and how often is it submitted?
quarterly food service report, it contains numbers, FEF, cost, and breakdown of cost.
what kind of rations are utilized during battle stations when the galley or galley personnel are not available?
marines will eat MRE's, crew will eat 'battle messing' delivered by the mess decks to GQ stations.