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What is a muster formation?
A ceremonial company formation to call roll or determine accountability of personnel.
What are the two rest movements given during a march?
At Ease March, and Route Step March.
What are the five rest executed from the halt position?
Parade rest, At ease, Stand at ease, Fall out, and Rest.
At route step march what command brings you back to attention?
Quick time March.
Does the U.S. flag ever dip when passing review?
What is the length of an arm swing when marching?
Nine to the front and six to the rear.
From the halt, what is the only movement starting with the right foot?
Right step March.
Under what conditions do enlisted personnel salute other enlisted personnel?
When reporting to the president of the board or in formation.
What is a Drill Command?
An oral order of the commander or leader.
What is the length of a marching step and a half-step?
Marching step is 30 inches, and a half-step is 15 inches.
How is a marching step measured?
Heel to Heel
Facing movements are executed at what position while under arms?
Order Arms
Sling Arms.
How many steps should separate the platoons when the Company is formed?
Five steps.
What command is given that will permit a soldier to talk while in formation?
Rest if stationary;
Route Step March, if marching.
What happens when the command "open ranks" is given?
First rank takes two paces forward--Second rank takes one pace forward--Third rank stands fast--Fourh rank takes two half-steps backwards.
Under what conditions do enlisted personnel salute other enlisted personnel?
When reporting to the president of the board or in formation.
Who is the only person in a formation that is never out of step?
The platoon guide.
Define the following:
Cadence-the uniform step and rhythm in marching. Rank is a single line of men side by side. File is a single line of men one behind the other. Distance is the space between elements in a column or file.
When a company is in column with platoons in column at a halt, and the prepatory command is "Column Left", what is the 2nd platoon sergeant's supplementary command?
How many degrees is the head turned when the command "Eyes Right" is given?
Forty-five degrees.
Does everyone eyes right on the command?
No, the right file continues to look forward.
To bring a group to halt when executing left or right step, on what foot do you give the command "Halt"?
Movement is executed in two counts, the preparatory command when the heels are together, and the command of execution the next time the heels are together.
From what positions may a rifle salute be executed?
Right and left shoulder arms, trail arms and order arms.
What is the publication that covers drill and ceremony?
FM 22-5
What is accomplished by practicing dismounted drill?
Team-work, confidence, pride, alertness, attention to detail, ezprit de corps and disciline.
To avoid an obstacle while marching, what is the proper command?
"Incline around _____".
You have a platoon in formation, and are at ease when an officer approaches, what shoud you do?
Call the platoon to attention and salute the officer.
What is meant by the command of cover?
For all elements to dress directly behind each other.
What two commands may be given to bring a unit or other individuals to attention?
The commands "Fall In" and "Attention".
Which command in the manual of arms is not executed in cadence?
"Fix" and "Unfix" bayonets.
What are the four prescribed formations for a company, natter or troop?
Company in line with platoons in line. Company in column with platoons in column. Company in column with platoons in line. Company in mass formation.
What is inflection?
The rise and fall in pitch and tone changes of the voice.
What is meant when we say units on line?
All elements, units or personnel abreast of each other.
The Battalion Commander is inspecting your platoon, what is the order of the inspecting part going through the ranks?
Platoon Leader
Batalion Commander
Company Commander
1SG and XO when requested.
When does an individual execute "Order Arms" in font of the inspectiong officer?
Only when the inspecting officer has inspected his weapon and returns it ti him. If the inspecting officer does not desire to inspect the weapon the individual will remain at "Inspection Arms" until the inspecting officer is in front of the next man.
Who is soley responsible for the training and appearance of the color guard?
The CSM.
What is meant by the term "Drill"?
Movement by which a unit or individuals are moved in an orderly manner from one formation to another or one place to another.
What is meant by the term "element"?
An element is and individual, squad, section, platoon, company or larger unit forming as a part of the next higher unit.
What are the two types of platoon formations?
Line formation and column formation.
What is normal interval?
Lateral space between men measured from right to left with an extended are.
What is the cadence of " Quick Time" and "Double Time"?
120 and 180 counts or steps per minute.
What are the two parts of most drill commands?
Preparatory commands and the command of execution.
What are the three methods used to teach drill?
The step by step method, by th numbers method and talk through method.
What is the only command given from "Inspection Arms"?
"Ready, Port, Arms".