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Gideon v. Wainwright involved what?
The right to cousel
Argersinger v. Hamilton ruled that ...
In situations in which a person can be deprived of liberty, the right to counsel exists, even when imprisonment for only one day can result.
Strickland v. Washington involved what?
Involved the right to an effective counsel.
Necessarily included offenses
Additional charges as part of another (more serious)offense.
Nolle prosequi
A decision by a prosecutor not to press charges; also known as nol. pros.
The socializing process by which an inmate learns the rules and regulations of the institution and the informal rules, values, customs, and culture of the prison defines
Crime control model
Repression of criminal conduct is the most important function of the criminal justice system.
Due process model
Individual liberties are the most important function of the criminal justice system.
What is the goal of a diversionary response to the disposition of a criminal case?
Diversion is designed to deter the future misconduct by addressing the underlying causes of unlawful behavior.
Why are most felony suspects sent to jail to await trial?
They are sent to jail because the lack the funds to pay the bail.
Case mortality
The term used to describe the attrition of cases in which arrests do not result in convictions for various reasons?
In New York, efforts to lessen plea bargaining have resulted in ____ convictions.
According to the due process model, the most important priority is...
that innocent persons will not be convicted unjustly.
The right to the assistance of counsel is in the ___ Amendment.
The Supreme Court extended the right to counsel to misdemeanants in the case of ______.
Argersinger v. Hamilton
John Hinkley, the man who shot President Reagan in 1981, claimed that he wanted to act violently as Robert Dinero did in ________ the movie.
Taxi Driver
What is the term for when alternatives to the formal criminal justice process are implemented after charging, but prior to adjudication and where a noncriminal disposition is sought?
The Speedy Trial Act requires that all federal cases to be brought to trial in ____ days or they will be dismissed.
Three strike laws are an example of what type of sentence?
In a recent survey of prosecutor's offices, the most frequent reason for case dismissal was ...
Search and seizure problems
What is the case that extended the right to counsel in federal prosecutions?
Johnson v. Zerbst
True/False Prosecutors get the same pay as court appointed counsel.
Question 1 text Most felony cases are completed within three months of arrest, although cases involving trials will take as long as:
6-7 months.
What is the next step in the trial after the jury is selected?
Opening statement by both attorneys.
Who is the first to present direct evidence at a trial?
The prosecution.
Self defense is an example of a ___________ defense.
One reason that deterrence is ineffective is that it relies on certainty and speed of punishment. If penalties are _________ but the chances of being caught are ______, it is doubtful that the potential defendant will be deterred.
certain; slight
What is the most common method of execution in the United States?
Lethal injection.
The 1996 Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act places restrictions on:
Appeals of offenders sentenced to death.
Which is not one of the reasons for the aging of the prison population?

The decline in the use of parole release.
The increased use of Truth in Sentencing laws.
The aging of the general population.
The use of definite and mandatory sentences.
The aging of the general population.
Which of the following is not a consequence of prison overcrowding?

Inmate services have been eliminated.
It leads to prison unrest.
Creates a danger for inmates.
Creates a danger for correctional officers.
Inmate services have been eliminated.
The Elmira Reformatory in New York was seen as a new approach to incarceration at the end of the 19th Century. It was ___________ who developed these new ideas.
Zebulon Brockway
A property offender in the federal prison system would be placed in a __________ security institution.
Approximately _____ percent of all state inmates have a prior conviction and a record of probation or incarceration.
In the landmark case of __________________ the Supreme Court held that the existence of deplorable conditions in a prison is not enough to challenge the conditions of confinement using the 8th Amendment. It must be demonstrated that the prison officials knew about the conditions and failed to act.
Estelle v. Gamble
Nearly all observers view inmate work favorably. What is one of the reasons why inmate work is viewed so favorably?
Prison work can enable inmates to earn money to pay compensation to victims.
Most state department of corrections _________ that drugs are readily available but ________ that drugs are present in the prison.
admit; deny
What is the most successful method of identifying drug use in prison?
Random urine testing.
Approximately _____ percent of inmates in state and federal prisons are known to be infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS
What is the Supreme Court case that denied inmates privacy in their prison cell?
Hudson v. Palmer