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What was the Pennsylvania System?
A philosophy of imprisonment that promoted repentance through solitary confinement and prevented offenders from being corrupted by mixing with other offenders. This system also promoted repentance.
Auburn System
A philosophy of imprisonment that emphasized labor and meditation. Offenders worked every day, but they did so in complete silence.
Reformatory movement
Late nineteenth-century trend toward use of incarceration to reform through education.
Zebulon Brockway
Developed a an approach to incarceration at the Elmira Reformatory in New York State that changed the purpose of incarceration from custody to education.
Maximum security prisons
Prisons that usually have a wall behind them. They house dangerous felons.
Medium security prisons
These prisons have some facilities outside the main enclosure and are surrounded by two rows of chain-like fence, topped with barbed wire.
Minimum security prisons
Usually have fencing but have locking outside doors and electronic surveillance devices around the perimeter of the institution.
Maximum security federal correctional institutions
Correctional institutions
Medium security federal correctional institutions
Metropolitan correctional centers
Federal jail facilities for pretrial detention and for those serving short sentences.
Rhodes v. Chapman
Ruled that double celling is not in itself cruel and unusual punishment.
Estelle v. Gamble
Ruled that deliberate indifference to serious medical needs of prisoners violates the 8th amendment.
Overton v. Buzzetta
U.S. Supreme Court held that regulations limiting visitors to prisoners did no violate the eighth amendment because the regulations bear a rational relation to legitimate penological interests.
How long is the average felony prison sentence?
5 years
Control model
Prison management approach in which strict enforcement of prison rules and few privileges for prisoners.
Responsibility model
Prison management approach in which staff guides prisoners decision making rather than making all decisions for them.
Consensual model
Prison management approach that maintains order by agreement between inmates and staff on the validity of rules.
__% of inmates in the United States lack a high school education.
What are the five major issues of prison life?
-prison work
-drugs and treatment
-prison gangs
Rate of confirmed AIDS among prison inmates are __ times higher than the general population.
Which amendment protects individuals against intrusions by the government in the absence of probable cause linking them to a crime?
Wilson v. Seiter
The Supreme court ruled that deplorable conditions in prison is not enough to challenge the conditions of confinement using the 8th amendment.
Men out number women in jail by a ratio of ___ to one.
Nearly ___ percent of inmates perform work in prison, but most task performed by inmates involve maintenance of correctional facilities.
There are three levels of prisons, they are state, federal and ____.
What case dealt with medical needs of prisoners.
Estelle v. Gamble
Benjamin Rush
Advocated the abolition of capital punishment as well as being an advocate for the construction of humane prisons?
What is the term for a jail in the federal prison system?
Metropolitan correction center
Limited parole eligibility has lead to...
prison overcrowding
The concept that life in prison should resemble the life outside of prison as much as possible is called...
Parallel Universe
A survey of prison wardens identified three major problems which are ...
Prison overcrowding, understaffed treatment programs and gang affiliated inmates.