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where is glucose higher: venous or capillay blood?
oral glucose tolerance pregnancy?
load 100 grams glucose
diagnosed if fasting > 105 mg/dL
1 hr > 190 mg/dL
2 hr > 165
3 hr > 145
most specific glucose determination enzymatic method
hexokinase method

(hexokinase catalyzes phosophorylatoin of glucose to G-6-PO4 in presence of NADP)
serum should be removed from cells to prevent decrease in glucose level due to glycolysis within....
1 hour
what specimen needed for Hemoglobin A1c
whole blood
most common method for HbA1c
affinity chromoatography
when are ketones present in blood
breakdown of fatty acids:
- uncontrolled diabetes
- starvation
- vomiting
- low carbohydrate diet
reagent used to detect ketones
Na Nitroprusside
if blood drawn for cholesterol right away (without pt. steated at least 5 minutes) cholesterol level will be...
most common method for cholesterol determination
cholesterol esterase

and cholesterol oxidase
friedwald formula for LDL cholesterol
LDL cholesterol = Total cholest. - HDL cholest - Triglycerides/5
largest of lipoproteins?
if nonfasting specimen which lipids will be useful?
total cholesterol
HDL cholesterol

if cholest > 200 mg/dL or HDL < 40 mg/dL fasting specimen needed
cream layer on top of plasma after refrigeration
high level trriglycerides or chylomicrons
L/S ratio in amniotic fluid > 2.0 indicates...
mature fetal lung
most common method for serum proteins
biuret method (cuprous ions react w/ peptide bonds at alkaline pH to produce colored complex)
best method for CSF proteins
trichloracetic acid (precipitates urine in CSF or urine)

biuret method is not sensitive enough
if hemolysis the serum protein level will be....
dyes for direct analysis of albumin
bromcresol green or purple (BCG or BCP)
normal A:G ratio
1 - 1.8

reversed in monoclonal gammopathies or when globulin increases
in the body what charge do most proteins carry
at pH 7.4 proteins anre negatively charged (anions)
support media for electrophoresis that
separate proteins by molecular charge
cellulose acetate or agarose
support media for electrophoresis that
separate proteins by both charge and size
starhc and polyacrylamide gel