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_____ expresses the "reality of the dream," or the subconscious of the mind.
Renior's "Luncheon of the Boating Party" is considered a _____ painting.
The beautiful "Karaori" kimono is considered more an _____ _____ than anything else.
aesthetic object
Van Eyck's "God" seems to celebrate _____.
Of the terms listed below, _____ would be a word that Robert Motherwell would not use to describe his work.
In Grunewald's "Crucifixion," the viewer's relation to the painting _____.
all of the above. (creates an aesthetically pleasing response,demands an active response,is problematic is dynamic)
A museum exhibit of _____ _____ moved Picasso so powerfully that while creating "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" he was freed from representing exactly what his subjects looked like and instead represented his idea of them.
African masks
A belief in the reality of the _____ world dominates the history of modern art.
According to Henry Sayre, the greatest theme of art is _____ _____.
art itself