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What is the definition of sharecropper?
A sharecropper is an agricultural worker who cultivates part of another person's land, receives supplies and equipment from the landowner and, in return, gives the landowner part of the harvest
What is the definition of amnesty?
What is the definition of mandate?
v. command, n. command
What is the definition of disenfranchised?
taken the right to vote away from
What is the definition of black codes?
a series of laws passed by the southern legislature severely limithing the rights of African Americans and discriminating against them
What is the definition of a carpetbagger?
people who arrived with all their belongings in cheap suitcases to set up governments usually only beneficial to the people running them, but occasionally ran honest and just temporarily set up so that there would be some government in certain parts of the south. There were benefits to this, but it ended fairly quickly.
What is the definition of impeach?
to bring charges of a crime against a federal or state public official with the intent of removing the official from office
What is the definition of a tenant farmer?
A tenant farmer is an agricultural worker who rents and farms land from another person and pays the rent either in cash or with a portion of the crop.
what is the definition of segregation?
segregation is the enforced separation of racial groups in schooling, housing, and other public areas.