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Concerning the nature of stress, which statement is not accurate?
Stress is always imposed on us by others
Secondary appraisal refers to:
evaluation of coping resources and options for dealing with a stressful event.
An approach-avoidance conflict may best by resolved by ____ the avoidance motication rather than _____ the approach motivation.
decreasing, increasing
Jose just completed an 9 page term paper, he went to save it and his computer crashed and lost all his work. What type of stress is jose experiencing?
The optimal level of arousal for a task appears to depend in part on:
The complexity of the task at hand
the fight or flight response is mediated by the
sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system
selye exposed lab animals to various stressors and found out that
patterns of phyisological arusal were similar, regardless of the type of stress.
stress can _____ the functioning of the immune system.
Salvador works as a security gaurd at a mall. his boss overloads him with responsibliies but he never gets any credit for all his hard work. He feeels worn down, disillusioned, and helpless at work. Salvador is experianing a:
A personality syndrom marked by commitment, challenge and control and that appears to be related to stress resistance is called: