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The release of emotional tension as termed by freud is called:
Reggie worked at a software firm. Today his boss unfairly blamed him for the fact that his new program is way behind schedule. The unjustified public criticism really had an impact on reggie, Later that night at home, whehn reggie couldn't find some tools that he misplaced he lashed out at his wife in annoyance. Reggies behavior illustrates:
Displaced Agression
Bill feels sure that he failed his calculus exam and that he will have to retake the course, He is very upset. When he gets home, he orderes himself a jumbo-size pizza and drinks two six-packs of beer. Bill's behavior illustrates which of the following coping strategies/
Self- Indulgence
Defense mechanisms involve the use of____to gaurd against negative ____.
Self-deception, inaccurate
Taylor and brown found that normal people's self images tend to be _____; depressed people's tend to be.
overly favorable
Accourding to albert ellis, people's emotional reactions to life events result mainly from:
their beliefs about the event
which of the following is not listed as a cause of waisted time.
inablility to work dilgenetly
Reaearc by James Pennbaker and his collegaues suggests that wellness is promoted by
writibng about one's traumatic events
The first step in a self-modification program is
Specify your target behavior
A system providing for symbolic reinforcements is called a
Token system