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What are the 2 divisions of the autonomic nervous system?
1. Sympathetic
2. Parasympathetic
What is another name(s) for drugs that mimic sympathetic action?
Adrenergics or Sympathomimetics
What is another name(s) for drugs that block sympathetic actions?
Adrenergic Blockers or Sympatholytics
What is another name(s) for drugs that mimic parasympathetic action?
Cholinergics or Parasympathomimetics
What is another name(s) for drugs that block parasympathetic actions?
Anticholinergics or Parasympatholytics
What do agonists do?
Act directly on receptor.
What do antagonists do?
Block the receptor.
What are the receptors for the SNS?
Alpha1, Alpha2, Beta1, Beta2
What are the receptors for the PNS?
Muscarinic and Nicotinic
What are the primary neurotransmitters of the SNS?
epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine
What is the primary neurotransmitter of the PNS?
acetylcholine; ACh
What are the primary functions of the SNS?
Fight or flight response (increased heart rate, dilation of pupils, etc), regulation of the CVS, regulation of body temperature
What are the primary functions of the PNS?
Housekeeping chores, slowing of heart rate, digestion, emptying of bladder, bowels, constricting the pupils, etc.
What are two mechanisms to mimic the action of ACh?
1. Direct mimicry of ACh
2. Inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down ACh
What is the name of the enzyme that breaks down ACh?
Why is ACh rarely used as a drug?
Because it breaks down too rapidly.
What are general uses for cholinergics?
Restore muscle tone in MG patients, Glaucoma patient (pupilary constriction puts less pressure on eye), bladder and GI tract stimulation.
What is Bethanehol?
A cholinergic used after surgery to stimulate you to pee since anesthesia can cause urine retention. Also stimulates GI peristalsis.
When would you not want to use Bethanechol?
In patients with urinary or bowel obstructions - could cause rupture.
What are the side effects of Bethanechol?
Bethanechol is going to activate the parasympathetic nervous system - side effects can include: CV bradycardia, hypotension, diarrhea, excessive salavation, bronchoconstriction