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Benjamin Franklin
Editor of the Pennsylvania Gazette; Most celebrated N American Man in Europe
Eliza Lucas Pinknet
Female Planter who pioneered indigo as a cash crop in South Carolina
Edward Braddock
British professional commander sent to N America Who tried to cross the mountains to attack the French fort on the Ohio River
George Washington
Virginian emplyed by the ohio company as a surveyor and militia officer. He discovered a French Partol Along the Frontier and Ordered an Attack, which started a world war
Hugh Bryan
Savannah River planter who preached the evangelial Christain message to his slaves; he attempted to part the waters of a river and lead the slaves to freedom
James Oglethorpe
One of the Founding Leaders of Georgia
James Wolfe
British general who laid siege to Quebec; killed in battle
John Campbell
City of Boston postmaster who established the Boston Newsletter in 1704
John Tillotson
Archbishop of Canterbury who preached morality rather than relgious dogma; his ermons appeared in many southern libraries
Johnathan Edwards
Author of A faithful narratice of the Surprising Work of God
Pierre de Rigaud de Vaudreuil
canadian who understood new france's need for support from the indians and under whose leadership tremendous damage was inflicted upon the british colonial frontier during the French and Indian War
William Johnson
Irish Immigrant with great influence among the Mohawk Part of the Iroquois League and the first nothern indian superintendent
William Pitt
British minister of war, changes how britian fought
William Shirely
Government of mass from 1741-1756 who used judicial and military appointments and military contracts to build a majority within the colonial assembly; he was later named second in command of theritish Army in North America
John Morgan
First professor of medicine in north america
Common law doctrine by which a father or husband makes all legally binding decisions
Company of the Indies
A group created by france to protext the Guld of Mexico that shipped settlers and slaves to louisiana
Fiat Money
Paper money backed only by the promise of the government to accept it in payment of taxes and debts
Great Awakening
Immense religious revival that swept across the Protestant world
A language spoken by newly imported slaves that evolved in the rice fields of South Carolina
Gang Labor System
Used in the Upper SOuth; Slaves closely supervised; some became artisans; klearned English; encouraged family
Albany Congress
Plan for colonial Union
Naval Stores
Items such as pitch, resin, turpentine used by the shipbuilding industry
Ohio Company of Virgina
Group organized to settle the Ohio country and establish an outpost near modern day Philagelphia
Old Lights
Name given to anti revval Congregationalists
Philadelpia Synod
Highest governing body of the Presbyterian church in the colonies
Politics of Harmony
System in which the government and colonial assembly worked through persuasion rather than thru partonage or bullying
Inderpendent indian villages that were willing to trade with the british and remained outside the french indian alliance system
Shepherd's Tent
outdoor school in New London established by James Davenport to train awakened preachers
task labor system
used in lower south; slaves minimally supervised; keep african traditions; not trained as artisans; developed Gullah; no emphasis on families
The second Cash Crop
Albany NY
Town where a metting was called by the governor of NY in order to confer with the Iroquois and redress grivenances
Boston MASS
leading city in the printing industry in colonial america
Great Meadows
Location where george washinton surrended his small Viginia Force to the Frnch in 1754
Most Formidable fortress in North America located on Cape Brenton Island
First community of free blacks in what is now the United States
Nantucket, Mass
center of the prosperous whaling industry
mid atlantic colonies
region with the most prosperous family farms
New England
Region where the most ships were built
Plains of Abraham
an area behind quebec where the battle of Quebec began
South Carolina
Most 'English' Of all the colonies; closest ties with great Britian
Northern province of Ireland that provided 70%of the immants from that country
The Population of British N America doubled
every 25 years
Gentleman status
implied a man who performed no manual labor; such man began to dominate public lige
1760- Tidewater Virgina
80% of the land was entailed; younder sons had to look west for land
Coveture prevented
women from making contracts
Inheritance rules and legal statues after 1700
made women more english
Peak of African Slave trade to North American
1730-1775. Almost 90% of slavers whent to southern colonies
Free Migration decisively
outweighed the influx of slaves only after 1762
Virginia House of Burgesses
Small tobacco planted with indentured servents and maybe a slave or two
Doctrine guided southern rationale for slavery
a new form of indentured service attractive to married couples; families could stay after finding Master
Settlers were
clannish and violent, drank heavily and hated indians
Zabdiel Boylston
self taught doctor, experimented with inoculating agaist small pox
1733 Molasses Act
Parliment passes this act to stamp out New England's trade with the French West Indies; if Strictly engorced, it would have stangled New England Tradw
1730's Great awakening
transatlantic relgious revival, swept across Britian and the Colonies
1750's, mainland colonies imported more from britain by a
margin of 2 to 1
Early papers that devoted nearly all of their space to European Affairs
discovered by Benjamin Franklin and friends, a debating society that met to discuss literary and philosophical questions--> later evolved to American Philosophical Society
Anglican Low Church- disliked rigid doctrine scoffed at convesion experiences, attacked superstition and rejected all fanaicism
Samuel Johnson
One of Yale defectors, became first president of King's college in NYC; Won a considerable reputation as a moral philosopher
in 1700 three strongest denominations were
congregationalists, quakers and anglicans
by 1800 three strongest denominations
methodists, baptists and presbyterians
Due to competing economic interests and ethnic groups,
northern colonies ofter produced political factions
Stono Rebellion in 1739
started when spanish offered liberty to any slave from british colonies who made way to Florida
War of Jenkins Ear
Broke out between Britain and Spain; war ended in success for britain as spanish abandoned efforts to devastate GA and SC
King George's War
1744, France joined Spain in war against Britain ; Early British victories gave way to series of defeats
Treaty of Aix-La-chapelle
1748- ended King Geoges War
British and Colonial gov came to terms with western indians in
Cherokees launched attack on backcountry settlers in South Carolina
Jane 1760
Redcoats helped to defeat Cherokees
who sued for peace in Dec 1761