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What is Dualism?
The mind(brain) and body are separate.
What is monism?
mind and body (brain) are same; reality consists of unified whole

mind is the working of brain and nervous system (neurons firing)
What are some physiological changes the Sympathetic nervous system causes?
Dilated pupils, accelerated heartbeat, inhibited digestion, constricted blood vessels in the skin, secretion of sweat glands.
What are some physiological changes caused by the Parasympathetic nervous system?
Constricts pupils, slows heartbeat, stimulates digestion, dilates blood vessels in skin, stimulates salivation.
What is the difference between afferent and efferent?
Afferent : toward the CNS (from sensory to brain)

Efferent : from the CNS (from brain to neurons to stimulate a response)
Coup and Contre Coup.
Coup: site of the injury

Contre Coup: worse damage on the opposite side of coup b/c it bounced back.
Grey matter in spinal cord.
Cell bodies
White matter in spinal cord.
Spinal tracts
Bundle of axons IN the CNS
What is the role of convolutions (folds) in the brain?
Allows more tissue in a limited space.
Frontal lobe
motor function

prefrontal - higher "executive function"
Parietal lobe
somatosensory function

EX:touch, hot, cold, vibrations
Temporal lobe
Auditory and emotion
Occipital lobe
Tiny gap which separates neurons from each other over which they communicate.
What are the 3 states in which a neuron can exist?
Resting state, active state, and refractory state.
change from negative inside neuron to more positive.
change from positive to more negative
What causes changes in electrical potential?
Ions flowing across the membrane is what causes the changes in the potential between the inside and outside of the axon.
negative charge
positive charge
What causes the resting state, active state, and refractory period?
Message is carried down the axon by changes IN THE MEMBRANE OF THE AXON that causes changes b/t various ions inside and outside the axon of the neuron.
Concentration Gradient
Ions diffuse from higher concentration to lower concentration.
Electrical Gradient
Opposite charges attract so ions are attracted to an environment that has a charge that is opposite of the charge they carry.
What drives the action potential?
Opening of Na+ channels and influx of Na+ ions.