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a group of chemicals that include sugars, starches, and cellulose
made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
carbs and lipids
made of fats, oils, and waxes
chains of carbon atoms held together by single bonds
saturated fats
chains of carbon atoms held together by double or triple bonds
unsaturated fats
consist of nucleotides which are important for DNA
nucleic acids
store and transmit heredity info
nucleic acids
contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen
building block of proteins
amino acids
how many amino acids are found in nature that can code for different proteins ?
What changes in the structure of an amino acid ?
the "R" group
what do proteins do?
-control rate of reactions
-regulate cell processes
-form bone + muscle
-transport substances in+out of cells.
What happens when the amino group and carboxyl groups combine ?
an amino acid is created
What is the chemical formula for the amino group?
what elements are part of the carboxyl group ?
O, C, OH