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functional groups are...
groups of atoms in organic molecules that can participate in certain types of chemical reactions
a neuclotide is composed of...
sugar, a phospate group,and a nitrogen- containing base
all of the following are polysaccharides except...
the general class of biological molecules that contains large, nonpolar regions that makes these molecules insoluble in water is called...
phospholipids contain a "head group" that is --- and two fatty acid "tails" that are ---
hydrophilic, hydrophobic
____ are found in nucleic acids, intracellular molecules, and high- energy molecules
Proteins are macromolecules that can perform many different functions within an organism. This diversity of function for this macromolecule is due to the unique nature of one of its four functional groups that is bound to a central carbon atom. Which functional group is responsible for the wide diversity of function attributed to proteins?
the R group
which of the following statements about lipids are false?
the body doesnt need any cholestrol
At the gym one day, you notice a new "Energy Bar" being sold that advertises quick energy for your workout. To impress you further, it is claimed this bar contains only carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms. What kind of biological molecule(s) would you be eating if you ate an "Energy Bar"?
carbohydrates and lipids
how are large organic molecules (macromolecules) synthesized?
by a dehydration reaction utilizing monomers