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Polygeneic Inheritance is?
a trait that is controlled by more than one gene
Pedigree is?
graphic representation of individuals family tree
Karyotype is?
chart showing photos of each pair of persons chromosomes
Diploid is?
in mitosis and is full chromosomes and all except gametes
sex chromosomes, 1/2 of them.
What was blending theory?
said that the two things, like red and whit flower made pink. NO LONGER ACCEPTED
Who was gregor mendel?
worked with pea plants and discovered a lot about genes
Cross pollination is?
fertilization of plant's egg cell by pollen of another plant
genes are?
segmet of DNA code that is responsible for controlling traits
What happens in Prophase 1?
Chromosomes coil up, and spindle forms. Homologous chromosomes line up with each other forming a tetrad. Non sister chromosomes cross over, exchanging genetic material and results in different combos of alleles
Metaphase 1?
centromere of each attaches to a spindle fiber, pull tetrads to middle and homologous chromosomes line up side by side as tetrads.
Anaphase 1?
Homologous chromosomes separate and move to opposite ends of the cell. Occurs b/c the centromeres don't split. Makes sure each new cell gets only one chromosome from each pair.
Telophase 1?
Spindle is broken down, chromosomes uncoil, cytoplasm splits to get 2 new cells. each as 1/2 info of original cell. needs to split again cause chromosomes are still doubled.
Prophase II?
SPindle forms in each of the 2 new cells and attach to chromosomes.
Metaphase II?
Pulled to center of cell at random.
Anaphase II?
centromere of each chromosome splits, allowing sister chromatins to separate and move to oppsoite ends of the cell.
Telophase II?
nuclei re from, spindles break down, cytoplasm divides making 4 cells. End result is 4 haploid cells which will become gametes.
Definition of dominant?
an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical, homozygous or different, heterozygous
Definition of recessive?
an allele that produces its phenotype only if its paired allele is identical, homozygous