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Who was the father of Genetics?
Was Mendel the first to quantify his genetic results?
What were Mendel's two main skills?
1)Knowledge of Probability
2)Agriculture (farm boy)
What was the plant that Mendel used with his studies?
Pisum Sativum (common pea plant)
Why did Mendel choose the pea plant to do experiments? (4 reasons - scientifically speaking)
1)It is self fertilizing
2)Has both male/female parts
3)Male parts easily removed - easily cross fertilized
4)True breeding species - allelles are identical
Why did Mendel choose the pea plant to do experiments? (3 reasons - socially speaking)
1)Easy to grow
2)You can eat them when done
3)Socially acceptable
What is monohybrid cross?
When you study only one trait at a time
What did Mendel call what we call "genes"?
What is homozygous?
Both allelles for the trait are the same
What is Heterozygous?
The allelles for a trait are different
What is the dominant trait?
The allelle that masks another allelle's affect
What is the recessive trait?
The allelle that can be masked by another more dominant allelle
What is a genotype?
The letter combination of a trait (ex: Aa, aa, AA, etc.)
What is a phenotype?
The actual characteristic that you see from a trait (ex: big, tall, red, etc.)