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acetyl CoA in the mitochondrial matrix-->must be taken to cytosol
1. Acetyl CoA + OAA-->citrate
citrate synthase
2. Citrate transported to cytosol via?
Tricarboxylate transporter
3. Once inside cytosol, citrate is broken down into?
Citrate-->OAA + acetyl CoA via citrate lyase
4. After acetyl CoA is in the cytosol it can be used for?
FA synthesis
5. Once acetyl CoA is in the cytosol, the OAA is used for?
Reduced to malate-->transported out via Malate-ketoglutarate transporter


Malate --> pyruvate + NADPH
NADPH used for FA synthesis

Pyruvate transported via pyruvate transporter and with pyruvate carboxylase-->OAA
Formation of malonyl CoA is important?
Committed step in FA Synthesis
Irreversible, requires ATP
Activation of acetyl CoA-->malonyl CoA
Acetyl CoA carboxylase
Biotin carries Co2 group
The Fatty Acid Synthase Complex (FAS Complex)
Contains all the FA synthesis enzymes except acetyl CoA carboxylase
Acyl group intermediates are attached to the cofactor of ACP
Phophopantoetheine group which provides a long arm that can reach all 7 enzymes.
What enzyme is used to elongate FA?
Malonyl CoA is the donor of 2C units
Can we desaturate (introduce double bonds) beyond C9?
So linoleic and linolenic acids are essential because they already have double bonds beyond this limit.