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James Monroe
Sent to Paris in 1803 to buy New Orleans and as much land as possible to the E. Became James Madison's Secretary of State
Zebulon Pike
Pioneer who explored the Louisiana territory between 1805 & 1807. Explored CO, NM, and MI. Leader of the new land.
John Marshall
Appointed 1801 by John Adams as Supreme Court Chief Justice. IMPORTANT ACT: Marbury v. Madison established principle of judicial review
Aaron Burr
Running mate with Thomas Jefferson. Killed Alexander Hamilton
William Marbury
President Adams named him a justice of peace in the "Midnight Appointments" . Marbury sued James Madison when he learned his appointment would never take place.
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Skillfully led a group of angry ex-slaves against French troops in Santo Domingo. French were unable to reconquer the land. Provoked Napoleon's decision to sell Louisiana to US.
Like the "spoils system". When an elected officiall fills appointed positions with friends that helped him/her get elected.
Judicial Review
Until 1803, the year of Marbury v. Madison, there was controversy over who had the final say in determining the constitutionality of laws. John Marshall gave this power, Judicial Review, to the supreme court.
To accuse (NOT FIRE) a public official of misconduct in office.
Forcible enlistment of soldiers. Rude form of conscription that the British had employed for over 400 years. At this time the London authorities claimed it was their right, but many Americans were impressed because they were mistaken for Englishmen. MAJOR CAUSE of W1812.
Midnight Judges
Group of judges that was appointed by John Adams the night before he left office. He appointed them to go to the federal courts and have a long term federalist influence.
1801 Judiciary Act
Passedc by the Federalist congress. One of the last laws passed by this congress. Allowed the President, then-President Adams, to stay up until midnight signing in new federal judges\.
Orders in Council
A law passed by the English Parliament in 1793. It was when the British were fighting the French. the Brits closed off all port vessels that France went throug so they couldn't get supplies. American ships were seized also-->cause of W1812.
Marbury V. Madison
Established principle of judicial review.
Embargo Act
1807 law passed by Congress forbidding all exportation of goods from the US. Britain and France had been harassing the US and seizing our stuff. US not prepared to fight a war, so Jefferson set up the embargo, which ended up hurting our economy a lot. Repealed in 1809.
Louisiana Purchase
1803 Thomas Jefferson purchased land from France. Purchase of this land-->national pride and ensured expansion.
Non-Intercourse Act
Formally reopened trade with all nations except England and France on MArch 1, 1809. A replacement of the Embargo Act. Made by the Republican Congress in an attempt to make England and France stop harassing us and recognize our neutrality.